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Top 3 best fairy tales about intelligence

Top 3 best fairy tales about intelligence - 1

Top 3 best fairy tales about intelligence - 2

Golden Apple

Once upon a time there was a king who was very lazy and did not pay attention to the affairs of the country. He is often sad, bored. One day the king, wanting to entertain himself, sent messengers throughout the country, from the cities to the countryside, to announce.

– Listen to the wire! The king’s order came down: whoever invents a story so absurd that the king can’t believe it, will be rewarded with a golden apple!

Everywhere people flocked to the capital. From the high-ranking people, telling the rich merchants, to the people selling baskets with mud on their hands and feet, everyone traveled many miles to the contest, hoping to get a golden apple through the story they were about to tell.

But all the stories of any man, however absurd, did not surprise the king. Whoever told the king believed it, or perhaps the king pretended to believe it, because he didn’t want to lose the golden apple? Just like that, every day the king and mandarins heard many new stories, relieved without spending a dime.

One afternoon, a poor peasant boy, carrying a very large empty box, approached the city gate.

Top 3 best fairy tales about intelligence - 3


The guard asked:

– What does that guy want?

– I want to tell the king this story, to surprise the king.

– Very good! You come in here.

They brought him before the king.

The king was sitting on a throne and was yawning so much that he could move his jaw. King asked:

– Say! What do you want to tell?

Then the king yawned again and everyone around him yawned.

“Your Majesty, I recently planted a pea in a field, and in one night it was as tall as the church bell tower.

– Then what happened?

– The bean tree was as strong as an old tree. I then climbed into the sky. It was all made of real gold and the mermaids sang melodiously, making my ears still tinkling even now.

King replied:

– All children know what heaven is like. And then?

The king yawned again.

– I met a lot of acquaintances up there. Your Majesty, imagine: I met my parents, dressed as luxuriously as kings, sitting in a transparent glass car. The king snapped:

– Dress up your parents! And then?

– Your Majesty, please listen clearly. I kept walking, suddenly meeting the king’s ancestors, all of them dressed in rags, followed by a herd of stinking pigs.

The king’s face paled slightly, but he was still forced:

– Yes, maybe. And then?

– You sent me a message to tell the king: In the past, the king owed my parents a box full of gold coins. The king did not pay, so heaven punished you like that. Now I’m here to collect debt.

The king angrily shouted:

– Unreasonable! Your house lies! I don’t owe your parents anything.

Poor man says:

– Then, Your Majesty. You didn’t believe me! Please give me the golden apple.

The king suddenly understood and corrected:

– Oh no. Your house is right!

The poor man smiled.

“In that case, please fill this bucket and give me the gold that I owe.”

And of course, the king had to give the golden apple to that smart, witty guy

Top 3 best fairy tales about intelligence - 4

Smart groom

King Abib had an adult princess who had not yet married.

Hundreds of boys and children of noble families came to propose, but she refused.

Although the father did not want to force his son, he was still worried and complained to the princess:

“You can’t stay like this for the rest of your life, my dear, you have no brothers, you are my only daughter.” After I die, what will be your identity? This stubborn child makes me so sad.

“Dear father, I will not refuse to marry. I just want you to find a smart and delicate husband-in-law.

The king’s father rejoiced:

– So how do you recognize the intelligence and delicacy of your future husband?

– Like this: Father, let’s open a contest. I will tell you a bragging story. Whoever can make up a more bragging story will be the husband and children.

What a wise argument, for it takes intelligence to make up a good story.

For the king, such a way of choosing a husband was strange, but the king still did not want to disobey his beloved daughter.

The order went through the towns, villages, and tribes far away: The king would give his daughter in marriage to someone who could tell a better story than the princess’s. The story goes like this: “The princess rented a pot. The pot was so big that it took three hundred and sixty nails to put the parts together.

Top 3 best fairy tales about intelligence - 5


Each nail must be driven by a blacksmith. One blacksmith could not hear the other’s hammer because of the great distance between the workers who made the giant pot.”

The sons of nobles and nobles from all over the world came, flocked to the capital to compete. They were all invited to the court, to the king, with the princess standing beside them.

Everyone told their own story, but compared to the princess’s story, their stories were silly.

Week after week, the boys who came to propose shyly withdrew one after another. The king still held a great party to see them off and gave them many consoling gifts. Princess victory. She prided herself on being superior to the other boys.

Moreover, she was happy to continue living her life as she pleased without making her father angry. On the contrary, the king was very sad and worried. The king knew that every loser would be an enemy of his country.

Then one day, a guy came to apply for the exam. He was different from the rich, luxurious boys who came to the competition last time: He was just a poor man. After bowing to the king and princess, he began to speak:

“I grew a cabbage with three hundred and sixty leaves. Each leaf covered three hundred and sixty horsemen. The one rider couldn’t see the other, because they were so far away from each other.”

Princess asked:

“So what are you going to use to boil that cabbage?”

“Princess, it’s the princess’s pot.”

The princess exclaimed:

– Ah! Your story is better than mine. I beg of you.

So the poor guy got married to the princess and they lived a very happy life.

Top 3 best fairy tales about intelligence - 6

The fisherman and the villain

Once upon a time, there was an old fisherman. One day he went to the sea to cast his net, patiently waiting for the net to fall to the bottom of the sea before pulling it up. But every time you just put up all the things that are worth throwing away. Bored, he cast his net for the last time of the day.

In this batch, I got a big copper vase, sealed with lead on the mouth. Uncle was very happy, said to himself: “This vase can be sold to the market for a lot of money!”

I tried shaking the bottle, it was too heavy. Uncle thought: “We have to open it and see what’s in it!”. Uncle took a knife and struggled to pry open the lid of the bottle, tilted the jar a few times, and poured it on the ground.

From the flask came a cloud of smoke that rose to the top of the clouds and spread across the earth. The fisherman was very surprised. The smoke coming out of the mouth of the bottle gathered, fluttering, turning into a demon, looking so ugly and fierce.

Showing his original form, the demon yelled at the fisherman:

– Hey, man, I tell you that you’re going to die!

The fisherman scolded immediately:

“Why do you want me to die?” I saved you from that jar, didn’t I?

Top 3 best fairy tales about intelligence - 7


– Hey, fisherman, listen to my story. I was originally a fierce god, because of sin, was punished by heaven to turn into a demon, locked in this jar and thrown into the sea.

A few hundred years later under the sea, I wait for someone to save me, I will bless that person to be rich and happy. Waiting forever, no one to save me, I got angry and cursed: “From now on, whoever saves me will be killed by me.” As soon as the curse ended, you saved me. Then you must die!

Hearing the devil speak, the fisherman thought to himself: “I am human, he is a demon. You have wisdom. So we must use wisdom to cure it.”

Uncle then said to the devil:

“Are you sure you want me to die?”

– It’s correct! You must die!

So before I die, I ask you to tell me one thing.

– Keep asking.

– As big as you, how can you get into this jar?

– You don’t believe me?

“I wouldn’t believe it, unless I saw you get into the jar with my own eyes.”

The devil then shook himself, turned into a cloud of smoke, flew to the blue sky, the smoke gathered and then gradually disappeared into the jar. The fisherman quickly took the lead cap and closed the mouth of the jar.

The devil hurriedly tried to get out of the jar but couldn’t. It begs you to fish. But to no avail. The fisherman threw the jar into the deep sea. So the demon returned down there forever.

Top 3 best fairy tales about intelligence - 8

Good lessons from sentences fairy tale

Some fairy tales praise good qualities especially human intelligence

The stories educate children about gratitude for those who have helped them, as well as knowing how to use cunning to overcome difficulties.

Top 3 best fairy tales about intelligence - 9

The stories educate children about gratitude for those who have helped them, as well as knowing how to use cunning to overcome difficulties.

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