Unique statistics of U23 Vietnam at SEA Games 31

First, the most noticeable is the achievement of not losing any matches, receiving any goals during the journey to winning the SEA Games 31. Thus, U23 Vietnam became the only team in the history of men’s football at the SEA Games to keep a clean sheet throughout the tournament.

With the successful defense of the gold medal, Park Hang-seo became the first coach to win 2 consecutive championships in men’s football at the SEA Games. This statistic is from 2001, when the national team was replaced by the U22 (or U23) team participating in the tournament.

In defense is absolute certainty. But on the offensive line are milestones that bring many happy and sad signals. This is the only team ever to win the SEA Games without scoring a goal in all the first half. U23 Vietnam is also the champion team with the fewest goals in history (8 goals). Coincidentally, in the two home SEA Games (2003 and 2022), Vietnam also only had a total of 8 goals for the whole tournament.

Unique statistics of U23 Vietnam at SEA Games 31 - Photo 1.

SEA Games 31, Van Toan did not have to go into the net to pick up the ball any time

The newly crowned team is also the Vietnam U23 team with the lowest scoring performance in the history of the SEA Games (since 2001 when the youth competed). In the 31st SEA Games, Vietnam had only 8 goals after 6 matches, an average of 1.33 goals/match.

Back in 2007, we scored 7 goals in 5 games, the performance is slightly better: 1.4 goals/match. But importantly in 2022 we have maximum achievement. In 2007, Vietnam could not score any goals in the knock-out matches and accepted empty-handed.

In fact, comparison is always relative. Because of the recent SEA Games, scoring fewer goals is a common situation for all teams. The gap between the weakest and strongest football in the region has narrowed. Therefore, Laos, Cambodia or Timor Leste no longer lose 7, 8 as before.

And a final mark, perhaps U23 Vietnam is also the only SEA Games champion team to score goals according to a strange “pattern” of 50% of the first goals with feet, 50% of the goals after that. head. Since the victory against Timor Leste, all 4 phases of U23 Vietnam’s net hit were thanks to the air battle.

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