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What are the most common soccer injuries?

Muscle strain and ankle sprain, shoulder dislocation, heel tendonitis… are the most common injuries in sports sport This king, players need to pay attention.

Doctor Nguyen Thi My Linh (Department of Sports Medicine and Endoscopy, Center for Trauma and Orthopedics, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City), said: Football injuries are very common, but many people remains subjective leading to improper handling and care. This can make the injury not completely heal, easy to recur, affect the player’s performance, even more seriously, can reduce motor function causing players to give up their passion for sports.

Muscle strain and ankle sprain

According to Dr. Linh, these two types of injuries are extremely common for sports players, especially football. Not only amateur players but famous players like Quang HaiCristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi… also encountered these injuries.

Muscle tension occurs when a muscle is stretched beyond its normal range of motion, resulting in a tear. For soccer players, the most commonly injured muscle groups are the hamstrings and quadriceps. The hallmark symptom of muscle strain is pain, especially when the person tries to move. In addition, muscle tension also causes swelling or bruising around the injury, difficulty moving the limbs …

Sprains Ankle sprain is a tear in the ankle ligaments. At this time, the ankle will be painfully swollen and difficult to move, painful when putting pressure on the leg.

These two injuries can be well controlled with RICE in the first 48 hours. R – rest, stop the sports activities, Travel restrictions; I – wrap ice in a towel, apply to the leg every 2 hours, 20 minutes each time; C – compress the injured area; E – raise the injury site above the heart.

If necessary, the person can take an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) or acetaminophen; Use crutches or a walking stick.

Fierce ball disputes have the potential to lead to injury


Shoulder dislocation

Defender Duy Manh had this injury in the semi-final AFF Cup Vietnam team meets Thailand in Singapore. This is a condition in which the head of the humerus deviates from the socket of the scapula, causing joint deformity. At this time, the patient will feel pain in the shoulder area, weakness, loss of movement, purple swelling, numbness, or tingling around the shoulder, arm, or finger.

Doctor My Linh shared, to handle this injury, patients can use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and RICE method. In cases of frequent repeat injuries, surgery may be recommended.

First aid according to RICE method helps to reduce damage effectively.


Anterior cruciate ligament injury

The anterior cruciate ligament is a ligament located in the center of the knee, responsible for connecting the femur and shinbone, keeping the bones in the knee stable, not shifting. Injuries occur when a ligament is partially or completely torn, when a player makes a sudden turn, tripping or falling that strains the cruciate ligament. At this point, the patient will feel pain, have difficulty moving, and cannot bend the knee properly.

Anterior cruciate ligament rupture has threatened the careers of many players such as Vu Van ThanhPhan Van Duc, Tran Dinh Trong, Thomas Vermaelen, Rafinha Alcantara, Marco Reus…

Depending on the extent of the injury and the patient’s future mobility needs, anterior cruciate ligament rupture will be treated conservatively or surgically.

Doctor My Linh recommends that when a player shows signs of anterior cruciate ligament rupture, he should immediately visit the doctor to take advantage of the golden time of 3 weeks, the blood vessels feeding the ligament are still there. Then surgical measures if necessary, such as suturing or replacing the ligament, will preserve the original attachment point of the ligament. Wounds after surgery will recover faster and ensure the stability of the ligaments.

At the Faculty of Sports Medicine, through the assessment of force and tension of ligamentthe doctor will monitor and evaluate the health ligaments of regular sports players, before and after surgery if any… From there, sports players can fully actively prevent injuries, practice rehabilitation to increase strength for important ligaments this weight of the knee joint.

A patient with ligament damage is being treated


Achilles tendonitis (Achilles tendonitis)

Achilles tendonitis once affected Leonardo Spinazzola in the Italy – Belgium match in the quarter-finals of Euro 2021, causing him to miss 6 months. In the ball phase that requires high speed or sudden change of direction, it is possible to injure the heel tendon, the most dangerous is the tear or rupture of the heel tendon.

Manifestations of Achilles tendonitis is a burning or stiff pain in the lower back of the calf in the morning; heel pain when stretching your heels or standing on tiptoes. If the tendon ruptures, there will be persistent pain, swelling in the heel area and purple swelling due to bleeding between the tendons.

To treat this injury, initially, the patient should give first aid with RICE method and use additional pain relievers. This is followed by a visit to the doctor for instructions on appropriate physical therapy exercises or surgery if necessary.

Meniscus tear

Van Hau, Tuan Anh, Hai Long, Danny Welbeck, Ansu Fati … are players who have experienced meniscus injuries.

A sudden knee rotation can tear or rupture the meniscus. At the time of injury, the patient can still walk normally, continue to play sports, exercise, compete…

In some cases, small pieces of cartilage that break off can get stuck in the knee joint, causing pain with movement, and tearing of the meniscus. This is a silent development, but haunts the player because the treatment and recovery of meniscus tear is quite difficult. Sometimes, experts, even with MRI or X-ray imaging, are still uncertain until they perform endoscopic techniques to accurately visualize the condition of the patient’s knee joint.

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