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Which queen has a brutal jealousy attack, making posterity haunting?

Lu Hau (or Lu Hau) of the Western Han Dynasty is considered one of the most cruel women in Chinese history, she killed everyone who dared to stand in her way, even torturing Ai concubine. of her husband (Han Cao To Luu Bang) became a cripple because of jealousy.

The terrifying jealousy of the most brutal queen in history made posterity haunting - Photo 1.

The image of Empress Lu was played by Qin Lam in Han So Truyen Ky. Photo: Sohu

Liu Bang was originally a commoner, used to be the head of the family when he was young, Lu Tri’s father (later Lu Hau) had a keen eye, noticed that Liu Bang had an unusual appearance, so he married his daughter to him. Lu Tri suffered a lot when her husband built the Han Dynasty. Luu Bang competed for the world with Xiang Yu, Lu Zhi was held hostage by Xiang Yu for 2 years.

Not only that, she also made a great contribution to helping Liu Bang ascend to the throne by providing money, saving Liu Bang in big battles, and expanding relationships with famous rulers of the time. .

However, for a woman like Lu Tri, the most painful thing is that after winning the world, her husband goes to favor another woman and doesn’t care about her anymore.

So who made Luu Bang give up his faithful wife and share the same tribulation? This person is the Lady of Love. Originally, Luu Bang and Lu Tri could also be considered a loving couple, but after meeting Lady Thich, Luu Bang changed.

The horrible jealousy of the most brutal queen in history made posterity haunting - Photo 2.

Image of characters Luu Bang and Thich Madam in the movie. Photo: Sohu

Before that, when Luu Bang was defeated by Xiang Yu, he himself had no way to escape and was carried by his father and son, Madame Thich. At that time, Madame Thich had a beautiful face, a gentle demeanour, and was a benefactor of Luu Bang, which made him fall in love.

At that time, beside Xiang Yu, there was a beautiful woman named Yu Ji. Both are heroes, so Luu Bang is not inferior to Xiang Yu, Lady Thich and Ngu Co are all beautiful, tilting the water, this has satisfied Liu Bang’s greed and glory.

In addition, Lady Thich also has this unique talent, which is dancing. She is not only beautiful, her face is radiant, when she dances, her elegant figure makes Luu Bang fall in love. Like a lady who doesn’t understand politics, but understands how to keep her husband happy. When Luu Bang is upset in her heart, she only needs to dance one song to make all her worries disappear, this is the forte that makes Luu Bang only adore her.

The terrifying jealousy of the most brutal queen in history made posterity haunting - Photo 3.

When he won the world, Han Cao To Luu Bang went to favor another woman and did not care about Lu Tri. Photo: Sohu

Luu Bang especially loved to pamper Lady Thich, wherever he went, he also took Lady Thich along, even he planned to abolish Crown Prince Luu Doanh (Lhu Hau’s son), to establish Luu Nhu Y (son). Like wife) as heir.

Then, because the old gods objected, Liu Bang gave up this idea. However, Han Cao To’s actions angered Lu Hau. She, who was originally a young lady, left everything to follow Han Cao To “taste honey lying on thorns” to establish the Han Dynasty, but when it became famous, Han Cao To not only remained indifferent to Lu Hau but also had intends to depose Luu Doanh’s son.

Not daring to do anything to Luu Bang, Lu Hau turned his anger on Lady Thich and began plotting to maintain the crown prince position for his son as well as solve the love rival.

When Han Cao To died, Luu Doanh immediately ascended the throne, taking the title Han Hue Emperor. Lu Hau saw the right opportunity and took revenge.

First, she ordered the wife of Han Cao To to be captured, Thich Madam, then cut her hair, tied her limbs with cuffs, and forced Thich Madam to pull rocks as big as buffaloes and horses. Lady Thich just quietly milled rice and sang softly: “I am a king, mother is a prisoner, day to day grind rice until night, close to death” (after Luu Bang decided to keep Luu Doanh as crowned crown prince. for Nhu Y to be the King of Million).

The terrible jealousy of the most brutal queen in history made posterity haunting - Photo 4.

Lady Thich trusted in favor, so she despised the Empress Lu, even trying to make her son Nhu Y become the heir to the throne instead of Luu Doanh – Lu Hau’s son. This made La Tri decide not to share heaven with Madame Thich. Photo: Sohu

Her songs immediately reached Lu Hau’s ears, after hearing that, Lu Hau was very angry and thought that Lady Thich wanted to take advantage of her son to avenge her. Therefore, Lu Hau tricked Nhu Y, then 12 years old, to Trang An and poisoned her.

After that, Lu Hau led two ferocious prisoners into the great prison and told Lady Thich: “Your son has been summoned back to the underworld by Mong Thien Vuong”. When Lady Thich heard it, she cried loudly: “If you killed my son, kill me too, I and my son in the underworld will turn into ghosts to avenge you.”

Lu Hau turned to the prisoner accompanying him: “It’s up to you to handle it!” and then gave Lady Thich to him. Madame Thich was brutally tortured such as having her limbs cut off, her eyes gouged out, forcing her to drink poison, pouring sulfur into her ears…

When she regained consciousness, her crippled and wounded body was also thrown into the pigsty. A few days later, Lu Hau called Emperor Hue and said: “Look at the pig barn, there’s a very interesting pig in it!”.

Hue Emperor saw that the pig inside was Madame Thich, who had an honest and benevolent personality, so she was so scared by her mother’s cruelty that she said, “This is not your business. I am the Queen Mother’s child, then how can I rule the world!”.

Not long after, helpless before the cruelty of his mother, Emperor Han Hue sadly fell ill and died at the age of 23. The Han Dynasty fell into the hands of Lu Hau, she conferred a title, conferred a title on the descendants of the Lu family, for those who disobeyed, Lu Hau killed without mercy, so many people were killed by Lu Hau that she herself I can’t remember either.

In 180 BC, Lu Hau fell seriously ill and died at the age of 61. After Lu Hau’s death, the great ministers of the Han Dynasty killed all her generals with the Lu surname and regained dominion for the Liu family. However, people still buried Lu Hau with Han Cao To at Truong Tomb.

No one expected that 200 years later, Lu Hau’s body was looted and dug up by the Chich Mi insurgents. After Han Quang Vu Emperor Luu Tu restored the Han Dynasty, people moved Lu Hau’s grave from the Truong Tomb and worshiped it in a separate temple.

Her place of burial was replaced by Lady Bo, one of Han Cao To’s concubines and the mother of Han Van De Luu Hang.

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