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Why does my phone get hot?

If you’ve been using your phone for more than a day, you’ve probably noticed that sometimes it gets hot while you’re using it. This is normal. This is the reason why the phone occurs like this.

Inside your phone is a processor very similar to the one in your computer. And just like with computers, when the phone’s processor works, it generates heat. The longer the device operates, the more heat it generates.

Desktop and laptops use fans, radiators… to pull heat away from all the important power chips both to keep them safe and keep them running, however, cell phones don’t there’s space for such a powerful cooler. Can you imagine what the iPhone would be like if it had a built-in computer fan?

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A overheating phone can also be a symptom of a more serious battery-related problem.

Since most active cooling methods are absent, phone manufacturers have had to think of other ways to manage heat. The most basic is that the chips are just designed from the ground up to not generate that much heat. Unless you use your phone for an extended period of time to do something like play games or edit videos, it won’t get as hot as you feel.

As phones became more powerful, manufacturers had to explore other ways to manage heat. Samsung has been making headlines lately when it comes to “water cooling” feature in their latest phones. Other phones use a similar system.

The above are normal reasons why your phone gets hot, but when your phone does, it can also be a symptom of a more serious battery-related problem. If your phone gets hot and you notice the battery starting to swell, turn off the phone and contact the manufacturer immediately.

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