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Wild camping

Cong Nhat shares that bushcraft camping is a way to express the personality of those who are passionate about nature, love the classics and love to explore.

Bushcraft Camping (rough translation: wild camping) is a form of camping that is interested in the world but not yet popular in Vietnam. If camping is a recreational outdoor activity and sleeping in a tent, bushcraft requires additional essential survival skills, including taking advantage of natural resources, a camper’s mindset, and the risks involved.

A tent in the form of bushcraft.

A tent in the form of bushcraft.

Dang Cong Nhat, living in Ho Chi Minh City, owner of a vintage fashion brand is one of the bushcraft enthusiasts in Vietnam. Bushcraft, he explained, is a form of camping in the wilderness, combined with survival skills such as building shelters, creating tools for trips and a number of other survival activities. I have known this type since about 2016.

“Currently in Vietnam, this bushcraft camping is only known by a small number of people because of the nature that requires a lot of skills and knowledge. However, there is still a small community with the same passion,” Cong Nhat shared.

Bushcraft campers often take the initiative to go deep into the mountains, the wildest places to challenge themselves. An interesting thing about bushcraft that Cong Nhat shares is that in addition to the functional value, campers also find items that are collectibles to bring classic and historical value. Therefore, to be able to participate in this hobby requires you to be really passionate. The skills you need to prepare are how to set up a tent – camp, how to create a fire in addition to supporting tools… Most importantly, the skills to button columns, create supporting tools such as making beds, stoves, tables. from available materials such as dry firewood, leaves…. In addition to equipment, campers need to prepare a strong mentality before any situation that may happen.

The Japanese team looks for materials available in nature to make tables and chairs.

The Japanese team looks for materials available in nature to make tables and chairs.

Usually, Japan chooses a camping site at the edge of the forest, about 1-2 km from the trail. During the camping process, he encountered wild animals a few times such as snakes, monkeys, squirrels… but suddenly they all chose to avoid humans so he was not in danger. However, Japan also prepares many tools and medicines to prevent snakes or insect bites.

Every time he camped in bushcraft style, Cong Nhat seemed to step into another world. There, there is no phone signal, no Internet and no worries of daily life. This makes people closer and more open to each other. He was listening to the sounds of nature, “bathing in the forest” and purifying his soul.

In order to adapt his bushcraft skills to be more suitable for Vietnam, he does not trap, hunt or kill animals while in the original version, campers need to find their own food sources that are not available. Cong Nhat often chooses to camp near a water source to get water easily because the forest spring water is quite clear and cool.

A good memory in Japanese bushcraft is meeting a heavy rain after two days of exhausting camping. Carrying about 20 kg of things on his back, including tents and garbage, making the footsteps heavier, the forest road was muddy due to heavy rain, but fortunately the whole group prepared suitable shoes so it was not too difficult to move. transfer.

The renovation

Cong Nhat took photos in the forest at dusk from 17:30 to 18:00. He used a classic lantern from 1967 to light. Gasoline powered lights.

Cong Nhat shared that the genre may not become a strong trend, but it is a way to express the personality of those who are passionate about nature, love the classics and have a soul that loves to explore. The skill requirement as well as the difficulty level in the game is a pretty big barrier for beginners.

“I firmly believe that if anyone has a love for nature, a desire to have a healthy hobby and especially to express their individuality, this is something that you cannot ignore. This is not just a game. It’s a hobby but it’s also a way of life,” said Cong Nhat.

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