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4 habits that destroy your smartphone battery

Phone batteries Intelligence getting worse over time is inevitable. There are systems in place to slow down the process as much as possible, but some things will speed it up and even cause the phone’s battery to fail immediately. Here are some habits to avoid to keep your battery life longer.

Use cheap or damaged charging cords

One of the worst and most dangerous things you can do is use a cheap or incompatible charging cord with your phone. If you’ve ever heard the story of a phone spontaneously catching fire, it’s usually the charging cable’s fault.

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It’s best to use charging accessories from your phone manufacturer or trusted brands. Avoid super cheap accessories. iPhone users can look for “Made for iPhone” stickers to feel safe. All of this also applies to wireless chargers.

Put the battery down to 0%

The charge cycle is the factor that most affects the life of the battery. Continuous charging and discharging cycles slowly degrade the health of the battery. Even worse, your phone battery is worse when your phone regularly starts charging from 0% battery.

It’s best to charge your phone from 20-80% as much as possible. Some phones have features to help you do this. Shorter charge cycles are better for the battery, so try not to let it drop below 20%.

Always plug in the charger

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Always plugging your phone in at 100% is as bad as leaving it at 0% battery. Charging your phone overnight isn’t necessarily bad, but you shouldn’t charge more than necessary.

When the battery reaches 100% charge, it will protect itself by stopping charging. However, as soon as it drops to 99%, it will charge back to 100%. This little cycle repeats itself and it’s not good for the battery.

Leaving your phone in extreme temperatures

Most electronic devices are not thermophilic. This is especially true for batteries, including those in your phone. Excessive heat can shorten the life of the battery. That’s another reason why don’t always plug your phone into a power source.

Heat can also come from other sources. Play battery-intensive games, leave your phone in a hot car, or leave it in the sun at the beach. All of these can heat up your phone and damage the battery.

Tech experts say, you probably don’t have to worry about damaging your smartphone battery. Use it with branded charging accessories that don’t drain the battery and keep it at a comfortable temperature, and you’ll be able to extend the life of your device’s battery.

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