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4 unexpected habits that can kill brain cells

Many habits contribute to brain damage, but there are four habits that do the most damage, according to the Harvard University website (USA). Harvard Health.

1. Sitting too much

Surprisingly, sitting a lot has a huge effect on the brain. A 2018 study in the scientific journal PLOS One, showing that sitting too much is associated with changes in the part of the brain needed for memory. The researchers took MRI scans to look at the temporal lobes, the area of ​​the brain that creates and stores memories, in people between the ages of 45 and 75.

Many habits contribute to brain damage, but there are 4 habits that do the most harm


The results showed that the people who sat the longest had this area thinner. According to the researchers, a shrinking temporal lobe could be a precursor of cognitive decline and dementia.

Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, director of the McCance Center for Brain Health at Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard University (USA), recommends getting active every 15 to 30 minutes of sitting. Set a constant timer on your phone to remind. Try to be active every time you can, follow Harvard Health.

2. Lack of communication

Loneliness is linked to depression and a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease and can accelerate cognitive decline. A July 2021 study in the medical journal The Journals of Gerontology showed that less social people lost more of the brain’s gray matter, the outer layer that processes information.

3. Not getting enough sleep

Research in the journal of sleep Sleep the end of 2018 shows the Cognitive skills – such as memory, reasoning and problem solving – declines with less than 7 hours of sleep per night.

Don’t try to sleep more. Dr. Tanzi revealed the secret is going to bed 1 hour earlier than usual. This will reduce staying up late and give the brain and body more time to get enough sleepaccording to Harvard Health.

If you wake up, give your mind time to relax. Even if you wake up for a while, you still have an hour left to make up for it.

Surprisingly, sitting a lot has a great effect on the brain


4. Prolonged stress

Prolonged stress can kill brain cells and shrink the prefrontal cortex, the area responsible for memory and learning.

Stress, if left unaddressed, gradually has a profound effect on brain function and can disrupt nerve cell communication, interfere with learning and memory, and increase the risk of developing brain cancer. development of cardiovascular disease, mental illness, and dementia.

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