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4-year-old boy races motorcycle in China

While children of the same age are still playing with toys, Xia Boen from Nanjing, Jiangsu, China spends most of her free time practicing on the track.

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Xia Boen, 4 years old, trains 4 times a week to become a professional racer.

On a racetrack in eastern China, a small motorcycle is racing from one turn to another at high speed. What made that scene so unusual was the driver – a 4-year-old boy. The wheel of the racing bike was even smaller than the helmet he was wearing on his head.

While children of the same age are playing with toys, Xia Boen from Nanjing, Jiangsu spends most of her free time practicing on the track.

The boy always closely follows the national and international races. Boen aspires to become a professional motorcycle racer, to compete in international tournaments.

Boen first showed an interest in motorcycles when he was 2 years old when he was sitting in the back seat of his father’s large displacement Harley-Davidson motorcycle traveling around the country.

Currently, Boen and adult racers practice on a professional track up to four times a week. His father, Xia Fei, is also an avid motorcycle fan and regularly participates in amateur tournaments. He said, Boen can complete the 1.3km lap in 76 seconds.

“Race racing was my dream as a child. I feel sad that I could never fulfill that dream,” said Mr. Xia.

“Since my son is passionate about this sport, I thought that he should be given a chance to develop.”

Mr. Xia’s investment in his son’s passion is not cheap. To have a small motorcycle imported from Italy, he had to spend 20,000 yuan (nearly 70 million VND).

The boy’s dream of playing professionally will depend on many things such as funding, the future competitive environment and Boen himself.

Mr. Xia said that since learning to race, Boen has become braver and more determined. But whether he becomes a professional racer or not is entirely up to the boy.

“If he can’t play professionally, but it’s just a hobby, that’s okay,” said the father.

Before criticism that this sport is too dangerous for children, Xia said he always ensures his son’s safety when practicing.

“Compared to other sports, racing seems more risky, but because of that, players always pay attention to safety issues. Scientific training and specialized equipment can help prevent children from getting injured.”

He also said he is less concerned with the “misunderstandings and concerns” of some about his son’s participation in motorsport.

“Basically, I let it go. What they say is their own business. Since I have full knowledge of the sport, I know how much of a risk it is. By far the most serious injury I’ve seen is a sprain – which is perfectly acceptable.”

The father also said that the rest of the family supported Boen playing this sport. In addition to racing, the boy is also interested in car repair. He watched the mechanics at work to gain more knowledge about the coordination and operation of the cars.

The person Boen admires the most is the Spaniard Marc Márquez Alentà. “Probably because he’s handsome and often wins,” Xia revealed.

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