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9 things to help Coach Park Hang-seo succeed with Vietnamese football?

After the final whistle of the 31st SEA Games final match between Vietnam U23 and Thailand U23 sounded, Coach Park Hang-seo celebrated enthusiastically with an unfamiliar fist, he hugged his assistants. Share the joy of victory. U23 Vietnam won the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games, this is also the second gold medal in the history of Vietnamese football at the SEA Games. Those two gold medals both marked the skillful hand of Coach Park Hang-seo.

Although not accompanying U23 Vietnam, but language assistant Le Huy Khoa always closely follows the team’s journey. After the match, the close assistant of the Korean leader shared his thoughts on his personal page, including 9 things that helped Coach Park Hang-seo succeed in Vietnam.

“Mr. Park chooses the right job, VFF chooses the right person. Then, choosing the right one is as important as trying. Thinking carefully, choosing the right time, and choosing the right target is already 50% successful. Shin (Coach) day. Shin Tae-yong) accepted the position of head coach of Indonesia, a famous Korean coach said that Shin is good, but at the wrong time because Indonesian football is going down,” assistant Le Huy Khoa wrote.

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The students celebrate with Coach Park Hang-seo (Photo: Hieu Luong)

Coach Park Hang-seo started coming to Vietnam at the end of 2017, right at the time when Vietnamese football had a group of players with a background like Cong Phuong, Xuan Truong, Quang Hai… And most importantly, the team. Vietnam team needs a foreign coach to revive after coach Huu Thang resigned.

The second thing, assistant Le Huy Khoa mentioned is that Coach Park Hang-seo is always wholeheartedly devoted to his work, knowing only football and football. Along with that, Mr. Park is always given the most favorable conditions to build the best Korean and Vietnamese coaching staff.

What helps Coach Park Hang-seo succeed is also his consistency with his own tactical intentions. Assistant Le Huy Khoa pointed out:

Mr. Park has his own philosophy and is very determined with this philosophy, which is stabilizing the game plan, selecting players, guiding according to the situation, philosophy of playing, philosophy of army management, winning. as the ultimate goal, not to lose is the top priority, you can lose the game but still win etc.. and this has been mastered for the past 5 years, forming a thorough playing style from U23 to the national team. “.

In Coach Park Hang-seo, it is also the prestige of the military leader, according to assistant Le Huy Khoa, it is:

Park does not operate the team according to the philosophy of relying on an individual, the game must be collective, the players are all afraid of him and they know that if they do not promote their ability, the opportunity will no longer come. “.

At the same time, on personnel matters, Mr. Park will also have full decision-making power and dare to do it.

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Coach Park Hang-seo directs on the field (Photo: Thanh Xuan)

One factor that helps Coach Park Hang-seo choose the most optimal squad is the plan to focus the team in batches and screening.

Mr. Park always prepares and works very thoughtfully, carefully, perfectionist, strict to the point of being harsh in many situations, few coaches focus on recruiting a whole month in advance, focusing on 1-2 squads. At the same time, carefully screened, sometimes the reserve list can be up to 50 people just to choose 23 people,” said Mr. Khoa.

The last two things that help the history-maker of Vietnamese football to develop to his full potential are mentioned by assistant Huy Khoa as a generation of talents and loved by Vietnamese people.

This is also the last SEA Games of Coach Park Hang-seo as head coach. As assistant Le Huy Khoa said, the success of Mr. Park and the Vietnamese teams is proof that:

“Vietnamese people can do everything that other people do”. 20220523130923625.htm

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