“After scoring, I’m cold all over”

“It’s hard for me to describe my feelings right now. I feel everything is great and feel very happy. Maybe tonight is a sleepless night for me,” Nham Manh Dung shared. Share quickly with reporters while on the bus back to the hotel after the game.

The distance, which only took a few dozen minutes, took up to hours when a large number of people in the capital Hanoi poured into the streets, chanting “Vietnam is the champion” after the victory of the home team. “After scoring, I was cold all over,” Dung added.

The owner of the golden goal defeated Thailand U23 Nham Manh Dung:

The striker number 17 bounced high in an unaccompanied position before shaking his head to put the ball in a position too difficult for goalkeeper Kawin. Photo: Hieu Luong

Entering the field from the bench, Nham Manh Dung did not disappoint the expectations of Mr. Park (Coach Park Hang Seo). The beautiful shake of the head to put the ball into the Thai net of the grown-up guy from Viettel Club also became the only goal of the fiery final at My Dinh Stadium.

“Teacher told me to try to move a lot behind the defence. I always keep this in mind so I can break through,” Dung shared about Coach Park Hang Seo’s advice when given the opportunity.

The owner of the golden goal defeated Thailand U23 Nham Manh Dung:

Mr. Park patted Nham Manh Dung’s head instead of hugging or shaking hands like he does with other players. Photo: Hieu Luong

The young player added that, after the game, Mr. Park thanked the whole team, including Dung. At that moment, the new pressure was released because “playing under the support of the home crowd is a great thing, but it is also very stressful for me as well as the players”.

“For now, I can only thank the coaching staff, teammates and all the fans who have accompanied the team through the difficulties. I really thank you very much,” Nham Manh Dung said.

The owner of the golden goal defeated Thailand's U23 Nham Manh Dung:

The boys in red celebrate with fans. Photo: Hieu Luong

Growing up from Viettel’s academy, Nham Manh Dung (born in 2000) was trained to play in the position of central defender. With the advantage of bodybuilding and modern football thinking, he is gradually being noticed and given opportunities by the coaches of U19 and U21 Vietnam.

Although he was prepared for the position of central defender, Manh Dung was assigned to play as a striker by Coach Park when he entered the field. In the opening match, he entered the field from the bench and provided an assist for Tien Linh to clear the deadlock.

In the final match, this player continued to sit on the bench and entered the field instead of Van Tung, when the home team was letting the opponent dominate.

After many phases, his header bounced off goalkeeper Kawin Thamsatchanan, scoring the only goal of the 31st SEA Games men’s football final.

The owner of the golden goal defeated Thailand U23 Nham Manh Dung:

When the final whistle blew, Vietnam U23 players celebrated enthusiastically. Nham Manh Dung became the center of attention when he was surrounded by teammates and constantly patted his head. Photo: Hieu Luong.

It can be said that Manh Dung’s promotion to the striker position at the 31st SEA Games is the successful decision of the Korean strategist. Competing at home with a huge crowd cheering passionately, Manh Dung said it was a great feeling, but it was also a great pressure for the players of U23 Vietnam.

U23 won Thailand for the first time in the final of a SEA Games after 4 times watching your team win gold. Coach Park had a sweet farewell when he helped Vietnam U23 successfully secure a gold medal in football at the regional sports festival. chn

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