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Anna Truong dances with Anh Quan’s father on the wedding day

The moment musician Anh Quan danced with his daughter Anna Truong on the wedding day made many people excited and touched.

A few hours ago, Anna Truong – the eldest daughter of the diva My Linh and musician Anh Quan shared on their personal page the sweet moments of the wedding held in the US. On the big day, she expressed, “It was just the best day ever, more photos to come”. (Translation: Greatest day ever, more pictures to come.)

Anna Truong’s wedding was held outdoors, on a green campus, decorated simply and cozy. The guests of the bride and groom are family and close friends.

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Anh Quan dances with his daughter.

Singer My Linh also posted a meaningful moment of father and son on his personal page. She wrote: “Love is simply beauty” (Love is simple beauty). The bright smiles of the father and son as they danced together and their warm embrace moved those who watched the clip. The bride Anna Truong also chatted a lot with her father during the dance.

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‘s fiance Anna Truong is Eric Derwallis, living and working in Los Angeles, USA. The couple had been dating for more than 6 years before deciding to get married. The two should be destined to meet in the band Lands – where Anna Truong plays the lead vocal role and Eric plays the drums role.

Anna Truong once shared that the two get along well, share many interests, often share many things in work and life. Eric Derwallis is loved by his wife’s family for being gentle and friendly. During the dating period, the two returned to Vietnam many times to perform and meet the wife’s family.

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