Beauty to change ‘feng shui’, many serious complications

Dr. Vu Thai Ha, Head of the Department of Research and Application of Stem Cell Technology (Central Hospital of Dermatology), said that a typical case of a stroke is a 30-year-old female patient (Hanoi) who injected her temples at the hospital. a spa. One week after the injection, the patient went to the Central Dermatology Hospital in a state of puffy eyes, unable to open and an abscess forming in the temporal region. The doctors examined and sucked out about 3-4cc of yellow pus, treated the abscess to avoid spreading to the entire face and risk of blood infection.

In addition, the hospital received another female patient who also fell into a cheek abscess after being offered a “baby cheek injection” by a beauty facility; An overseas Vietnamese woman fell into paralysis after receiving botox injections to slim her biceps. The oldest case is a 60-year-old female patient with infection and swelling after injecting filler to remove wrinkles.

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The doctor handled the accident after injecting filler into the temple.

Many patients share with their doctors that they want to be beautiful to change “feng shui” and fortune. The latest case is Ms. H.Th.M, more than 30 years old, from Hau Loc, Thanh Hoa. Ms. M. said that a few months ago when she went to see a feng shui teacher, he “said” her nose shape was not good, dissipated assets, and could not keep wealth. Listening to the fortune teller, Ms. M. went to a spa to get her nose done. A month later, seeing that the tip of the nose was still low, the shape of the nose did not improve as expected, so she went to the spa to inject another 1ml of filler into the tip of the nose and the bridge of the nose. After a day of injection, the nose area appeared red and swollen. Ms. M. went to the spa, was injected with a solution but it was not effective, she had to go to the Central Dermatology Hospital.

A 37-year-old businesswoman has thin and small earlobes, so she wants to edit them to have a more generous appearance. After 1 day of injection at a spa near home, the patient had to go to the hospital for a checkup because the filler injection part was painful, red, swollen and deformed. Fortunately, the infected ear area was not necrotic because the patient came to the hospital early. However, the damage left behind causes many areas of the patient’s ears to be convex and concave, affecting aesthetics, and cannot return to the original.

Not only women, many men, middle-aged (40-50) years old also choose to inject filler to fill in the earlobes in the hope of having attractive ears.

Enough tricks to deceive customers

Doctor Nguyen Quang Minh, Deputy Head of the Department of Research and Application of Stem Cell Technology (National Hospital of Dermatology), said that many patients come to the hospital after injecting fillers, injecting substances that are advertised. reported as collagen.

According to Dr. Minh, positions such as the nose, chin, ears, hollow cheeks, concave between the eyebrows, temples … are often chosen for intervention. However, these are the locations that are easy to leave complications after filler injection. When injecting fillers, there is a high risk of invasion of blood vessels and transverse nerve sites if the injector does not have good practical skills and understanding of structural anatomy.

Quang Minh added that because many people have complications after filler injection, many places have avoided using the word “filler injection” or “filler injection” but changed to using “active collagen”. “collagen-promoting ingredients”… to trick customers. In fact, after injecting these substances advertised as collagen, the patient showed signs of swelling.

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