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Black market USD price up to 24,000 VND/USD

The USD/VND exchange rate increased sharply at commercial banks and the free market. However, after reaching the level of 24,000 VND/USD, the free USD price turned to decrease slightly.

In yesterday’s session (May 23), the State Bank listed the central exchange rate of Vietnam dong to the US dollar at: 23,117 dong, down 28 dong compared to the last session of the week. In the interbank market, exchange rate closed the session at 23,177 VND/USD, up only 2 VND compared to the session 20/5.

However, the exchange rate on the free market increased sharply, bringing the USD price to 24,000 VND/USD. Specifically, the USD price on the black market on May 23 was traded at 23,900 VND/USD and 24,000 VND/USD (buy in – sell out), ie up to 240 VND in the buying afternoon and 270 VND in the afternoon. sold compared to the previous session.

usd tang gia manh 979

But today (May 24), the price of USD on the free market turned down again, falling from the level of 24,000 dong. Accordingly, today’s free USD price decreased by 20 dong in the buying afternoon and 40 dong in the selling afternoon compared to yesterday, bringing the buying price down to 23,880 dong/USD and selling at 23,960 dong/USD. The buy-sell gap narrowed to only 80 VND/USD, showing that the demand for USD in the free market is very large.

The USD exchange rate was also adjusted down by the State Bank. The central exchange rate listed by the State Bank today (May 24) is 23,103 VND/USD, down 14 VND compared to yesterday.

Meanwhile, commercial banks adjusted the USD price to increase slightly. For example, USD price at Vietcombank yesterday increased by 5 dong in buying afternoon and 35 dong in selling afternoon compared to yesterday, bringing the buying price to 23,040 dong/USD and selling price to 23,350 dong/USD. . VietinBank and BIDV increased by 50 dong each way, listing USD at 23,080 – 23,360 VND/USD. USD price at some other banks was also adjusted slightly.

USD rate At commercial banks buy and sell as follows:

Buy intoSold out
Vietcombank23,040 VND23,350 VND
Vietinbank23,080 VND23,360 VND
ACB23,110 VND23,320 VND

USD exchange rate table at commercial banks on 24/5

Currently, the free USD price is higher than the USD price at commercial banks from 640 – 690 VND/USD.

On the world market, the USD is also recovering after leaving the peak of more than 20 years. The greenback recovered as investor sentiment gradually stabilized. The USD-Index measures the strength of the greenback against 6 major currencies (EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, SEK, CHF) in today’s session (May 24) at 102.29 points, up 0.21% compared to the last session.


usd ngay 23 5 405

USD continues to fall, the State Bank is strong at the beginning of the weekOn the morning of May 23, the USD exchange rate was adjusted by the State Bank to decrease by 28 dong compared to yesterday. The world market DXY index is on a downward trend, down 0.25%.

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