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Buying a car for his wife, the man clicked the 5th quarter signboard

On May 24, the leader of the Traffic Police Team of Gia Binh District Police (Bac Ninh) said that the unit had just handed over the license plate of the fifth-quarter car to Mr. Nguyen Van Nen on the morning of the same day.

According to him, this is a random number plate pressing, with no arrangement at all. From May 21 to now, there have been nearly 10 cars registered at the district police according to the new circular on decentralization.

Buying a car for his wife, the man can click the five-quarter sign 5 - 1

Mr. Should with the number plate of the fifth quarter just dialed this morning.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nen (SN 1978, in Bac Ninh), the owner of a car with the fifth quarter number plate, said that this morning (May 24) he registered a car at the Gia Binh District Police.

The car registered with the Hyundai Santa Fe brand is manufactured in 2022 for about 1.3 billion VND. After that, he should be able to press the number plate 99A-555.55.

According to Mr. Should, when he pressed the number plate of the fifth quarter, he was very happy. After pressing the fifth quarter number plate, someone offered to buy the car back at a high price, but he decided not to sell it because this car he bought for his wife.

Previously, on May 21, Mr. Pham Hoang Long in Ben Tre went to the police headquarters of Thua Duc commune, Binh Dai commune to register a motorbike and was lucky to manually press the number plate “five quarters” 666.66.

Or on April 15, Mr. Nguyen Dac Tri in Ha Tinh was lucky to get the fourth quarter number plate for Hyundai cars.

From May 21, implementing Circular 15 of the Ministry of Public Security, police of provinces and cities have decentralized vehicle registration for district and commune police.

Accordingly, people of provinces and cities across the country can register their cars, motorbikes and motorbikes at the district and commune police offices.

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