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Buying a car for his wife, the man won the license plate number 555.55

On May 24, a representative of Gia Binh District Police (Bac Ninh) said that when a resident went to the police station of this district to register for a new car, he clicked the control plate 99A -555.55.

This position confirmed that pressing such a beautiful number plate was random. The person who picked up the above sea is Mr. Nguyen Van N. (born in 1978).

Reporter contacted Mr. N., it was known that, on the morning of May 24, he went to register a car at the Gia Binh District Police for a car branded Hyundai Santa Fe manufactured in 2022, then he picked up a beautiful sea. Soon after, many people offered to buy the car back at a high price, but he decided not to sell it because the car was bought for his wife.

From May 21, commune-level police were officially granted the right to grant registration and license plates of motorbikes and motorbikes (including electric scooters) according to a new circular on decentralization.

In addition, district-level police are also empowered to grant registration and license plates for cars, tractors, trailers, semi-trailers and other vehicles with similar structure to the above-mentioned vehicles of agencies and organizations. enterprise… has its head office or permanent residence in the area.

This is also one of the essential public services related to the people that the Working Group on developing the application of population data, identification and electronic authentication for the National Digital Transformation period 2022 – 2025, with a vision to 2030 (Project 06) of the Government, in order to create favorable conditions for people, helping to save time, effort and costs when carrying out administrative procedures.

Previously, to prepare for the registration of motorcycles at the commune police station and the registration of cars at the district police station, the police force trained more than 13,000 officers on professional skills and working procedures. ; review the conditions on physical foundations, working offices, technical means and human resources; advise the Party committees and authorities to direct and assist, arrange locations, create favorable conditions for equipment installation, record storage, places to receive and process documents, and procedures for vehicle registration. for commune-level police units that do not yet have independent headquarters.

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