China says no compromise on Taiwan after Biden’s remarks

“China expresses its strongest dissatisfaction and objection to the US about its remarks. Taiwan is an integral part of China.”Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a press conference on the afternoon of May 23.

Wang affirmed that the country will not compromise or make concessions on issues related to the Taiwan issue.

This statement by a Chinese diplomat came not long after US President Joe Biden announced his readiness to use force to defend Taiwan.

China says no compromise on Taiwan after Biden's remarks - 1

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. (Photo: Reuters)

“Yes, that’s the commitment we made,” The US leader said at a press conference in Tokyo when asked if the US is ready to intervene by military means if China tries to take back the island of Taiwan by force.

We accept the One China policy, but the idea of ​​controlling Taiwan by force is not appropriate. That would destabilize the entire region, similar to what is happening in Ukraine. China has no right to take the island of Taiwan by force“, Mr. Biden added.

The US President also affirmed that the country’s policy towards Taiwan “has not changed”, and warned that Beijing is taking a risk when sending many planes close to the airspace of Taiwan island, as well as conducting drills. navy in the region.

After Mr. Biden’s remarks, an unnamed White House official repeated the president’s statement, emphasizing that there has been no change in US policy towards Taiwan.

“The President said our position has not changed. He reiterated the One China policy and the US commitment to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. The President also mentioned the US commitment to the Tao. Taiwan Relations Act, in which Washington will provide military equipment for Taipei to defend itself.”he said.

China has always asserted that Taiwan is an indivisible part of its territory and does not rule out the possibility of using force to reunify the island.

The United States does not establish formal relations with the island of Taiwan, but is the largest supplier of weapons to the island. Last month, the Biden administration approved the sale of equipment and training support worth $ 95 million to Taiwan to maintain the operation of Patriot anti-aircraft missiles. In February, Washington also approved the sale of equipment and services worth $100 million to help the island maintain, maintain and improve its Patriot air defense missile systems.

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