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Dad is a ploughman, mother is a worker

On the morning of May 23, Mr. and Mrs. Nham Van Ngoan (50 years old) and Mrs. Vu Thi Thuong (45 years old) just returned to their home in Thai Binh.

Last night, the whole family went to Hanoi, were present at My Dinh National Stadium cheering, and witnessed the family’s youngest son – player Nham Manh Dung and his teammates won to convince the Thai U23 team. Lan in the 31st SEA Games men’s football final, defending the championship.

For grandparents, it is more fun when their son is the player who scored the only goal against Thailand U23, making an important contribution to the victory of the U23 Vietnam team.

Nham Manh Dung's family: Father works as a plow, mother works as a worker - Photo 1.

The family house of Nham Manh Dung’s relatives living in Thai Binh.

Returning late, didn’t sleep all night, partly because she was so happy and happy, partly because she didn’t have time to sleep, but in the early hours of this morning, Ms. Thuong, as usual, still went to Hien Luong Company, in the nearby Gia Le Industrial Park. home to do the work of a worker.

Mr. Ngoan is a little different. He doesn’t go to the fields as usual, but gets up early to clean the house, water, and make tea. Because, as he said, “from morning until now, many brothers, relatives, neighbors, leaders of communes and villages have come to congratulate and celebrate”.

The player’s father said that he and his wife have two sons, the oldest is Nham Thanh Trung (28 years old), the youngest is Nham Manh Dung.

“Your grandmother is now over 90 but still healthy”he shared.

Nham Manh Dung's family: Father works as a plow, mother works as a worker - Photo 2.

Mr. Nham Van Ngoan, the father of player Nham Manh Dung.

Like the majority of people in Thanh Long village, like the majority of Thai Binh rice farmers, Mr. Ngoan and his wife are attached to the fields all year round. With good health, in addition to planting a few poles of field, in the past few years, Mr. Ngoan has invested in buying more plows and reapers to plow and hire for local people to get more income.

As for his wife, Ms. Thuong, since Thai Binh province had a policy to bring industry to the countryside, she applied to work as a worker. This morning, when she arrived at Hien Luong Company, Ms. Thuong was given flowers and gifts by the workplace leader, considering the joy of the employee’s family as the common joy of the whole company.

Nham Manh Dung's family: Father works as a plow, mother works as a worker - Photo 3.

This morning, when coming to the company to work, Ms. Vu Thi Thuong, the mother of player Nham Manh Dung, was given flowers and gifts by the company’s leaders; Congratulations, share in the joy of her family.

Talking about the youngest son in particular, the father said that from a young age Dung was very smart, studied well and loved to play football. “Only three or four years old, studying in kindergarten, but seeing that his grandchild loves football very much, he is always attached to the ball. By the 5th grade, Dung was recruited into the school’s football team, the cluster, and then was recruited to the Provincial Sports Gifted School, located in Thai Binh City. He started away from home from there!“, the father recalled.

Mr. Dang The Dung, Deputy Director of the Sports Training Center (under Thai Binh Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism), remembers that, in 2011, he was in charge of football at the Thai School for the Gifted of Physical Education and Sports. Binh, watching boy Nham Manh Dung compete in the Provincial Children’s Football Tournament, he was amazed at the boy’s playing ability when he was only in grade 5, the village school.

After this award, Dung was selected, studied culture and football at the Provincial School of the Gifted in Physical Education and Sports, and participated in the National U11 Championship, held in Dak Lak; Two years later, he was recruited to the youth team of Viettel…”.

In particular, according to Mr. Dang The Dung, when he was a child, the new SEA Games 31 football champion not only played football well but also studied culture very well. “When I transferred to the School for the Gifted in Sports, according to the curriculum, Dung and his friends had one soccer lesson and one culture lesson. I was the one who brought Dung to the city-level Math competition and that time he won the third prize“, who discovered Nham Manh Dung’s soccer talent when he was a child, added that Dung’s good education in culture made it difficult at first to convince Dung’s parents to let him follow their children. professional football, it takes a lot of convincing to get Mr. and Mrs. Ngoan to agree…

“In fact, often the players who study well, especially in natural subjects like Dung, will have a smart and scientific way of playing football.”Deputy Director of Thai Binh Provincial Sports Training Center acknowledged.

Nham Manh Dung's family: Father works as a plow, mother works as a worker - Photo 4.

Player Nham Manh Dung after scoring on the night of May 22.

Together with the party committee, the government, the Fatherland Front and local organizations who came to celebrate with Mr. Ngoan’s family this morning, Mr. Pham Cong Luan, Chairman of Dong Hoang Commune People’s Committee shared: “The victory of the U23 Vietnam team tonight. The past is the pride of the whole nation, Dung’s goal is the pride of his homeland, family, and clan.”

“The party committee and local government plan to organize a ceremony to honor Dung’s achievements with his family in combination with study and talent promotion activities. Unfortunately, according to the match schedule, the team only has a short break. The next day, I went abroad to play again, so my honor has to be delayed“, Mr. Pham Cong Luan regretted.

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