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Daughter-in-law was shocked at the shocking secret that her husband’s family forbade pregnancy-Young

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 00:10 AM (GMT+7)

I couldn’t believe that my mother-in-law would treat me like that. Time and time again, my mother-in-law used an excuse for me and my husband to delay the issue of children.

Daughter-in-law was shocked at the shocking secret that her husband's family banned from getting pregnant - 1

It turned out that my mother-in-law had never liked me before. (Illustration)

We got to know each other when we both attended a social event. The first impression with him, I found him to be quite friendly. That’s what brought us together.

With his friendliness and openness, the day I took him home to play, his parents were very appreciative. I’m also quite confident in myself so I’m not too worried about his debut date. I thought everything would go smoothly, but unexpectedly, his mother didn’t like me. His mother told me that because of my high cheekbones, I would be close to my husband. She was afraid that we would get married, her only son would be in an accident, but the family estate that had been built for a long time would fail.

At that time, he refused to listen to his mother and decided to marry me. His determination was finally approved by the whole family. After dating for 1 year, we decided to get married. I later learned that he was a young master when he owned a chain of restaurants. I know that even though my mother-in-law allowed us to get married, she was still bitterly dissatisfied.

On our wedding night, when my husband and I were about to go to bed, my mother-in-law knocked on the door. She told me and my wife that this year we are determined not to have children, otherwise it will greatly affect the family’s business. Moreover, this year is not the age of the couple, giving birth makes the couple more emotional.

She said directly to my wife and me: “If the earth does not accept heaven, then heaven must suffer the earth. Parents have accepted the two of them to get married. Now, as a bride in the family, we have to be responsible for the family. Let every year be fine. , if not this year, next year. If you give birth this year, it will harm the whole family. I went to see the teachers.”

I don’t know if my mother-in-law went to see it or not, but after listening to it, I was dumbfounded. Never have I thought of the scene on the wedding night where the mother-in-law would order the couple to “forbid childbirth”. My husband pushed my mother out of the room and told me not to worry. However, before doing business, he partly believed in divination. That’s why he told us to take measures and wait for the next year to give birth.

My mother-in-law forbade me from everything. Only that I often go to work, she never said. My mother-in-law is excited every time I announce that I have to go on a business trip. Even my mother-in-law said that it took a lot of work to go, so staying for a few days with everyone was considered a trip. Although I find it strange, to be honest, every time I go out like that, I really like it. I am not subject to the scrutiny of my mother-in-law. Moreover, I am also happy and lucky because my husband’s family does not make it difficult for me to develop my career.

But things are not as simple as I thought. When my mother’s best friend came to my house to play. The two of them talked to each other and I figured out everything. The reason why it has been almost 2 years since the wedding day, but from time to time my mother-in-law makes excuses for me and my wife to postpone the issue of children. Unlike other in-laws, they have to urge their daughter-in-law to have children as soon as possible.

It turned out that my mother-in-law had never liked me before. My mother-in-law’s plan was not to let me have children. She tried everything to separate me and my husband and then chose for him a person with the number of “wealth and benefit” that the fortune teller would choose. Although my husband loves me, he still listens to his mother. Moreover, he is also a believer, so everything is so cross.

I found it ridiculous. It turns out that up until now, just because of believing in divination, my husband’s family didn’t want me to have children. They sullenly pushed me out of the house. I felt like a puppet in their hands.

After listening to the story between my mother-in-law and my friend, I thought I would have to decide to have a baby. I don’t want to let my husband’s family push me out of the house like that, treating me like a clown.

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