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Education runner-up Minh Phuong

Miss Vietnam 1992 contest has found 3 best beauties, representing the beauty of Vietnamese women, that is: Miss Ha Kieu Anh, sub-prize for Best Behavior – 1st runner-up Vi Thi Dong, Sub- prize for Best Eyes – 2nd runner-up Nguyen Minh Phuong, Best self-chosen outfit.

That year, although she only won the 2nd runner-up, the beautiful Tuyen Quang Nguyen Minh Phuong still left many deep impressions, being equally admired by Miss and 1st runner-up. She has a “huge” height of 1m70, Smile, beautiful eyes, charming personality, simple and sincere personality.

The only runner-up who wore a patchwork shirt went to the HHVN contest: Her beauty was full of criticism, but her education path was remarkable - Photo 1.

Top 3 Miss Vietnam 1992. From the green: 1st runner-up Vi Thi Dong, Miss Ha Kieu Anh, 2nd runner-up Nguyen Minh Phuong.

According to a member of the organizing committee, when taking pictures of contestants, Minh Phuong wore a shirt with patches of the same color fabric on his shoulders. The beauty was then suggested to let her hair down to cover the patch. The 2nd runner-up then shared, her house is forever in Tuyen Quang, she herself does not have a beautiful dress to participate in, so she wants to report to the organizers for sympathy.

Minh Phuong was then suggested by the organizers to borrow her friends’ costumes with a preference for purity and simplicity.

Many years have passed, the 2 year runner-up now has an extremely secretive life. She did not participate in showbiz. However, the audience still remembers Minh Phuong, not only because of her simple beauty but also because of her studious spirit, constantly improving her knowledge.

The only runner-up who wore a patchwork shirt went to the HHVN contest: Her beauty was perfect, but her education path was remarkable - Photo 2.

The remarkable learning path of the 2nd runner-up

Nguyen Minh Phuong was born in 1970 in Tuyen Quang. When participating in Miss Vietnam 1992, Minh Phuong is a final year student of the Library Department, Hanoi University of Culture. The beauty born in 1970 once shared: “I compete for fun, not thinking about winning. Studying is still more important.”

After graduating from university, 2nd runner-up Nguyen Minh Phuong decided to set up a career in Hanoi. Staying at friends’ houses, finding jobs everywhere, going through many rounds of auditions… she was finally accepted into a marketing position for a joint venture company, experiencing all the challenges and difficulties during the opening period.

Realizing that her English is still poor, after work, in the evenings, Minh Phuong attends a foreign language class at the University of Foreign Languages. After only a short time, the 2nd runner-up was able to exchange jobs with foreigners fluently.

The only runner-up who wore a patchwork to attend the HHVN contest: Her beauty was full of criticism, but her education path was remarkable - Photo 3.

Old photo of runner-up Nguyen Minh Phuong and children.

Not stopping there, runner-up Minh Phuong also continued to study Business Administration at the National Economics University. Even when the birth is coming, the beauty still tries to go to class to study. It is known that the runner-up has encountered some scandals and rumors that she is only beautiful, not sure she can do the job. Therefore, Minh Phuong is more determined to study to prove himself.

After that, information about 2nd runner-up Nguyen Minh Phuong became less and less. Some rare information about the beauty of Tuyen Quang is known as: Minh Phuong currently has a successful career, was promoted to be a branch director of a reputable company and has a happy life with her husband and children.

It can be said that, although he did not choose the path to participate in showbiz, Nguyen Minh Phuong still has an extremely affluent life thanks to his decision to choose education as the path of sustainable development.

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