Fado pioneers the application of Blockchain technology in e-commerce

The event “Opening the digital era” with the launch and announcement of the Vietnam Blockchain Association, became the only legal bridge between the Vietnam Blockchain Community and State agencies and departments in order to building a legal framework for Vietnam’s Blockchain technology industry towards the goal of a digital nation – digital economy.

At the same time, the Association will be the convergence of those who are interested in researching, testing, evaluating, standardizing and encouraging the application of blockchain technology in Vietnam to develop.

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In this special event, there was the participation of e-commerce platform Fado.vn, which is one of the first units in Vietnam to successfully apply Blockchain technology to the loyalty system (Loyalty Blockchain). ). This is a prime example of the Vietnam Blockchain Association’s mission in bringing Blockchain technology closer to consumers’ lives.

Fado.vn is the top cross-border e-commerce platform in Vietnam and one of the pioneers in applying Blockchain technology provided by Fado Go.

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Fado Group’s representative attending this event, Ms. Pham Thi Ngoc Anh – Deputy General Director of Fado Group said:Fado Go wants to share with everyone a new form of shopping that combines traditional shopping and blockchain, helping to open up a future of transparent economy and sharing of benefits’‘.

Fado Go is one of the companies under Fado Group, Fado Go focuses on developing Blockchain applications for e-commerce, currently has successfully deployed the membership and reward system with cross-border e-commerce platforms. Fado.vn and Cambodia’s e-commerce platform Fado168.com; by the end of 2022, will apply to the Malaysian market.

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Fado Go aims to help people around the world transact with each other transparently, clearly and simply through Blockchain technology. Participating in the event, Fado Go wishes to connect and share its values ​​with businesses in the same field.

Mr. Chung Viet Dung – Director of Fado Go shared: “Blockchain technology has been applied to the Fado Go platform by replacing the traditional reward system with Blockchain technology to open up an unlimited connection with other platforms in the ecosystem.

Through Blockchain, Fado Go has improved loyalty programs, with the aim of taking better care of customers, they will have the right to transparently own rewards points and have a variety of choices with rewards points of their own. and experience the overall value chain of the Fado Group ecosystem”.

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Mr. Pham Tan Dat – General Director of Fado Group shared: “The benefits of using Fado reward points include: Redeem promotional vouchers at Fado.vn. Use Fado points to take Grab and enjoy the incentives of other products and services using the Fadogo.io platform. Giving and exchanging Fado points between accounts.

Use Fado Points to contribute to Fado’s community support programs. Other benefits: Customers who own these bonus points will have the right to vote on Fado’s policies, helping Fado to better serve customers.

Not stopping there, Fado will apply Fado Go’s blockchain platform to make transparent the functions of order tracking, product traceability, affiliate marketing system (Affiliate network management), censorship comments, virtual reviews”.

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At Fado’s booth, guests will be introduced to the cross-border e-commerce platform Fado Go and the services we provide, such as a combination of blockchain-integrated online commerce and decentralized finance. center to expand global procurement with a “buy and get rewarded” mechanism.

The games help the experiencer better understand our project with interesting rewards – the purchase Voucher applied on the Fado.vn system and Fado Go reward points applying Blockchain technology.

Through the opportunity to participate in this great event, Fado Go has brought many surprises and useful activities to help the Blockchain user community in Vietnam and internationally have more playgrounds for exchange and learning. useful.

Within the framework of the announcement and launch ceremony of the Vietnam Blockchain Association, a signing ceremony of cooperation and commitment to accompany many prestigious enterprises to promote the association’s development in the near future took place.

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