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Feng shui knowledge to know when decorating your home for good fortune and healthy family

How to guess? Feng Shui of a house? Simply put, when you walk into a space, you feel light, airy, and in a relaxed mood. This healthy environment will have a positive impact on the health, family and overall wealth of the occupants.

Actually to improve Feng Shui It’s very simple, we just need to “move” a little to turn the situation around, helping Feng Shui Indoor was nice.

Here are the knowledge you need to know in Feng Shui House:

The door is the “throat” of the house in Feng Shui. Noteworthy:

– The outside of the door must be clean: For a healthy and prosperous family, the first thing you have to do is keep the door clean. Remember to keep the house clean and tidy.

If the accumulation of dirt, from a health point of view, it will not be favorable for air circulation, causing turbidity, and the homeowner has a reputation for being marketed.

At the same time, you should not pile up garbage outside the door, it will easily lead to poor qi and make the prosperity in the house worse.

– The inside of the door must be clean: The door is generally a place to store shoes, to keep it clean, it is best to have a shoe cabinet instead of messy shoes. In addition, do not leave shoes outside the door, easy to generate evil spirits.

– To help condenser: The entrance is where Qi gathers air. You can put some bonsai or wheels Feng Shuifish tank, … has the effect of talent, prosperity.

Starting from the door to the porch, all doors in the house should not face each other. According to Feng Shuithe direction of the door accelerates the accumulation of air, destroying the air flow that is not good for the human body.

Solution: If the two doors are facing each other, use a screen to block, if conditions do not allow, hang curtains or beaded curtains on the door.

Do not place a mirror facing the door

Mirrors should not be placed facing the door. According to Feng Shuithe door is the place where the good qi comes in and out, so the reflection of the mirror will destroy the penetration of the good qi.

Also, don’t hang wind chimes in the entryway (and throughout the house) unless absolutely necessary. Wind chimes ward off bad omens, but if there is no evil spirit in the house, it will have the opposite effect.

2. Feng Shui living room

Living room in Feng Shui Housing will be related to your career, finances and relationships. Therefore, the following issues should be kept in mind:

– Talent: Standing at the door, facing the living room, diagonal corner is wealth. Wealthy position cannot store sundries or place untidy furniture. You can place the sofa in this position because often sitting there will be good luck.

Feng shui knowledge to know when decorating the house for good fortune, healthy family - Photo 4.

According to Feng Shui, the living room must be airy, with little furniture. Illustration Pixabay

You can put a pot of plants in a specific location for wealth such as honeysuckle or money tree .., the tree grows well and corresponds to good fortune. However, if the plant shows signs of wilting, pests and diseases, you need to remove it and replace it with a healthy plant.

The position of wealth can also be placed in the aquarium, piggy bank, cat god of fortune, (make sure not to conflict with the age of the owner) will bring luck in fortune and career for the owner.

– Avoid sundries: Should not leave too many things in the living room, sundries should not be piled up in the living room, otherwise it will affect the fortune of the homeowner;

– Avoid crowding: Sofa in the living room should not be too wide. To show luxury, some families buy an oversized sofa that takes up half of the living room space, making the living room cramped.

We know that the living room space is beneficial for fortune, if it is cramped, it will not be beneficial for air circulation, in terms of Feng Shui It is also not good for the fortune of the owner.

– Sofa leaning against the wall: It is best to lean the sofa against the wall, with space on the sides with arms outstretched.

Feng shui knowledge to know when decorating your home for good fortune and healthy family - Photo 5.

According to Feng ShuiSofa should lean against the wall. Illustration Pixabay

Some people like to put the sofa in the middle of the living room, behind the aisle. On the one hand, this goes against traditional layout practices, and from the point of view of Feng Shuiit is very easy to “leak money”.

The solution is that you should put a low cabinet or screen behind the sofa and use an “artificial back” to fix it. However, the fish tank should not be placed behind the sofa, should not take water as a “back” that will affect the stability of the house.

Taboo Feng Shui in the living room

– Feng shui plants in the living room should have thick and full leaves, not thorns, sharp, not thin. Because small plants and flowers will make the owner fall into a trivial scene, it is easy to repeat the sound.

– Feng shui plants in the room no more than three pots. The tree should not be too tall, preferably no more than 1.2 meters.

– The aquarium in the living room should not be too big and too high, generally less than 1.5 meters.

3. Feng shui bedroom

According to feng shui, the bed is the core of the bedroom, a place related to relationships, fortune, health and other aspects of the couple. Noteworthy:

Feng shui knowledge to know when decorating the house for good fortune, healthy family - Photo 6.

According to feng shui, avoid placing the head of the bed facing the door or close to the window. Illustration Pixbay

– Avoid confrontation: The head of the bed should not face the bedroom door, because once the door is opened, the wind blowing towards the bed will destroy the aura, opening and closing the door will make the person sleeping on the bed scared. and could not sleep.

The head of the bed should not face the bathroom door, because dirty air will directly affect the sleep and health of the owner.

– Not by the door: The head of the bed must not follow the door, ie the head of the bed must not lean against the wall where the door is, the direction of the airflow will adversely affect the head of the bed. People.

– Avoid leaning your head against the window: Placing the headboard against the window will easily affect sleep and is not conducive to energy recovery.

– Avoid round beds: Today, many young people think that round beds are very fashionable but not suitable for use.

In feng shui, the circle is dynamic, the square is dynamic, sleep needs to be quiet, so choosing a traditional rectangular bed is the best. Sleep on a round bed with no direction, will affect the quality of sleep. Wooden bed is better than water bed, iron bed.

Feng shui knowledge you need to know when decorating your home for good fortune and healthy family - Photo 7.

According to feng shui, do not paint the bedroom too bright. Illustration Pixbay

– Avoid leaving old shoes under the bed: For a bed with a storage and preservation function, there are some dark cabinets and drawers under the bed, should not leave too many sundries, especially shoes and smelly items, which will be detrimental to the health of the family. your health.

– Do not paint glare: It is impossible to ignore the color of the bedroom wall paint, because bright colors easily make people irritable, quarrel, and affect the relationship between husband and wife.

Some feng shui taboos to note when decorating the bedroom

– Do not hang wedding photos that are too large, the photo frames are not too thick, the number of photos should not exceed three.

– The lights should not be too dim, should not buy too colorful lights will create evil spirits, harmful to human health.

– Use as little or no carpet as possible. Carpets are easy to breed bacteria, which can affect the human body. If you have carpet in your home, try to clean it as much as possible.

– Do not keep scented flowers and goldfish. The smell of some flowers and plants will affect your sleep, seriously affecting your health.

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