‘I don’t worship celibacy’

Behind Nha’s role in Go home, baby (2017), Quynh Nga received special attention from the public. Recently, the actress born in 1988 returned to the small screen as Minh Minh in the movie Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lovershowing a strong, personality image completely different from previous roles.

The role of Minh Minh is 65% like me.

– Minh Minh in “Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover” is very personal and strong, showing from personality to appearance. How does Quynh Nga invest in this character?

In fact, at first, Minh Minh’s layout was like many other office girls, there was no breaking way and he didn’t ride a big bike. So I also wondered why not make my role different, because La Thanh Huyen’s character Cam Giang is already very good, if I have the same style, will the audience find it duplicated? . Moreover, Minh Minh’s job is to produce TVC, a dynamic and creative job. Therefore, I discussed with director Vu Truong Khoa to make Minh Minh become more personal.

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Shaping Quynh Nga’s personality in the role of Minh Minh.

Mr. Khoa asked me if I knew how to ride a motorbike, but he didn’t say it was a large displacement bike. The car was already heavy, I also had to carry Huyen behind, so it was quite sluggish at first. Huyen keeps teasing me: “Can you drive? I still have a lot of wealth at home, many places I haven’t traveled yet, you can do whatever you want.” Fortunately, I was also gifted with sports and learned everything quickly, so I didn’t spend a lot of time learning to drive. And also to confirm to the audience, the ride scenes on the film are completely without stunts or sitting on trucks like some other movie scenes that I actually drove.

In addition, to transform into Minh Minh, I had to give up all my previous feminine outfits to buy things like leather jackets, jeans, boots… This also gave me a headache because outside, rarely I dress like that. Later, after the character had many psychological changes, fashion will also change but she is still Minh Minh but can’t become Cam Giang.

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Quynh Nga makes an impression when driving a large displacement vehicle.

– Is this the role you longed for to escape the previous “small tam” roles?

It’s not really a character that I’ve wanted for a long time, but this is a character that I want to try and find. As an actor, everyone wants to transform into a variety of roles to see how far they can do it and how the audience will receive it. This is a pretty good role and is 65% like me in real life.

– Quynh Nga – Viet Anh is the audience’s favorite couple, but in this movie, it seems that the two have little land to act?

When the film was not broadcast, the audience speculated that I was a “small tam” who interfered in the relationship of Mr. Viet Anh and Ms. La Thanh Huyen. But the truth is completely different. In the movie, I didn’t have many scenes with Mr. Viet Anh. There are only a few scenes where the two meet and Minh Minh will give his best friend’s husband a beating. The script was only written by Minh Minh scolding Viet, but I drew everything myself. Even because I was so close, I asked Viet Anh to let me throw water on him to make the scene heavier. (laugh).

– Are often associated with Viet Anh despite many corrections, do you mind?

I was really annoyed at first, but now I’m used to it. Because the audience is interested and loving, they just assigned the two brothers, so I think it’s normal.

– For the first time acting with a younger co-star, when acting in emotional scenes, she was quite comfortable while Minh Hoang was tense and sweaty.

Minh Hoang is also confused, because I am single and Hoang has a girlfriend. Every time I film a love scene, I tell Hoang that “Have you asked your lover’s permission?”but Hoang’s girlfriend is very understanding and cute, so I think there will be no problem.

In this film, my love affair with Minh Hoang will be the opposite of the relationship of the trio Viet Anh – La Thanh Huyen – Chi Nhan. The cuteness of this couple promises to bring happy and comfortable movie-watching moments to the audience.

Quynh Nga: 'I do not worship celibacy' - 3

Quynh Nga with her co-star is 5 years younger.

– Are you worried about rumors about “real fake love movies”?

Since it’s just a movie, I’m not worried. Moreover, I find that I am not as easily shaken now as when I was an 18- or 20-year-old girl. Now I’m more demanding, so the “real love movie” story won’t exist.

– After this cooperation, will you change the concept of love with “pilot”?

I have never loved or liked people younger than me, also because I have established in my mind that people younger than my age are all my brothers, so love is not there and I do not pay attention to those objects.

I’m not ready to get married

– The character Minh Minh is a celibate worshiper, what about Quynh Nga?

I don’t worship celibacy. As a woman, everyone wants to find someone to accompany and talk to them about all kinds of things in life. Minh Minh has a similarity to me that is very self-sufficient, has a career and is not dependent on men, but she is quite liberal, has loved someone for only a few months, and Quynh Nga loves to die again and again. (laugh).

– You are independent and strong, afraid that you will make men shy when approaching?

I think not, because men are extremely smart these days. They always want to find a woman who is independent, mature and can talk to them about many things in life.

– Have you set a specific model, is it a giant?

I have to admit that in the past, every time I defined a certain image that I wanted, it seemed that people who were trying to find out about me saw many other criteria, they were too good, but then they all “run away”. (laugh). I don’t set too high a goal, but just need a person who truly loves me, listens to my feelings, and it’s okay to have the other things but not have them. Because of humans, no one is perfect. Well, just go there or go there.

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– Beautiful and talented, but her love story is quite messy. Do you feel frustrated?

I just think I’m not good enough. If love comes soon, maybe I will “break” a few more relationships, the more afraid I will be. Well, coming late is sure, more sustainable. I find myself a bit picky, so when I feel like I’m in a really ripe relationship, I’ll move on.

– If that person appears now, are you ready for a relationship and possibly marriage?

I’m ready to get into a relationship, what’s wrong with it (laugh). If there is that person, I will give myself a chance to try. But that is love, and marriage is not yet.

Minh Minh is similar to me in that she is very self-sufficient, has a career and is not dependent on men, but she is quite liberal, has loved someone for only a few months, and Quynh Nga loves to die and come back to life.

Actress Quynh Nga

– Are you still worried about something in your marriage?

Maybe I’m like Minh Minh, because I don’t feel the time has come to enter a marriage. Currently, I am busy with work and many other things, and I still have time to take care of my parents. I also have anxiety, afraid that I will break again.

– How is your relationship with your ex?

My ex-husband and I still behave normally. Now what is past is over, my friend and I also respect each other’s private lives, no one bothers anyone. I have a view that I still consider old people as friends, but you don’t mean that you have to regularly meet and chat carefree and intimate. It’s just that if we accidentally meet each other on the road of life, we can greet each other normally.

– Compared to the image of “crocodile king” in which year, is Quynh Nga the best version of herself now?

I don’t know what’s best, but I’m happy with everything I have. I have a better life than before without worrying about many things. Currently, I live for myself, for my parents and friends. I will also cherish every relationship I have and spend my time doing what I want.

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