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Investment incentives should not be given to golf courses and urban areas in Van Phong

Delegate Pham Van Hoa suggested that investment incentives should not be given to non-essential areas in Van Phong economic zone such as golf courses, urban areas, and commercial centers.

Discussing at a group at the National Assembly on piloting specific mechanisms and policies for the development of Khanh Hoa province, on the afternoon of May 24, Mr. Pham Van Hoa (Dong Thap delegation), expressed the above opinion.

According to the Government’s draft, one of the preferential industries when investing in Van Phong economic zone (Khanh Hoa), is building and operating a commercial and financial center with a capital scale of 12,000 billion VND. ; building and trading urban areas with an area of ​​300 ha or a population of over 50,000 people; construction and business of hotels, resorts, high-class resorts and general entertainment with golf courses with capital scale of VND 25,000 billion.

“If there are preferential policies for investment in golf courses, investors may enjoy tax incentives, then sell land to make a profit and still be rich. While the State collects not much money,” Mr. Hoa expressed his opinion. According to him, as a strategic investor, if the project is not eligible for investment incentives from the Government, it will not be eligible for incentives, even though it is piloting a specific mechanism for Khanh Hoa.

Representative Pham Van Hoa.  Photo: National Assembly Media

Representative Pham Van Hoa. Image: National Assembly Media

Mr. Phan Duc Hieu, a standing member of the Economic Committee, also said that even without any preferential policies, the investment in urban areas and commercial centers has attracted many investors. He asked the Government to explain more clearly to increase the persuasion of this proposal, because “investment resources are limited, so it should be saved to increase attraction to the right and winning sectors and industries”.

In this regard, when examining the draft resolution of the Government, some members of the Finance and Budget Committee also expressed concern. Some opinions of the verification agency suggest that investment policies to build commercial centers, urban areas, tourist areas and golf courses in Van Phong economic zone have not been regulated because this is not a priority field.

The draft resolution proposes, strategic investors are not allowed to transfer projects for 3-5 years since the issuance of the investment registration certificate or the decision to approve the investment policy. Mr. Pham Van Hoa said that such a term is too short, easily leading to the consequence that investors do not make real investments but only intend to “occupy land and sell it”. He proposed a longer project transfer ban and sanctions if investors violate.

Ms. Vu Thi Luu Mai, Deputy Chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee, also said that the time limit for not transferring projects in 3-5 years is short, which easily leads to abusing policies to invest in “hiding”. This time limit does not guarantee the requirement of sticking with long-term interests in accordance with the characteristics of strategic investors; In particular, it is necessary to take into account the factors of ensuring economic security and being sensitive to national defense.

She said that there was an opinion in the Committee to clearly stipulate that if strategic investors do not implement according to the provisions of the Investment Law, the Land Law and other regulations, the project will be withdrawn and bear the responsibility of the investor. sanctions.

Meanwhile, Mr. Phan Duc Hieu proposed to supplement regulations on the transfer of contributed capital shares of investment enterprises to be more strict. He analyzed, there are many cases where businesses do not transfer projects, but transfer shares to shareholders, members… this does not change the project, but the project ownership may change.

Mr. Phan Duc Hieu, Standing member of Economic Committee.  Photo: National Assembly Media

Mr. Phan Duc Hieu, Standing member of Economic Committee. Image: National Assembly Media

Participating in the discussion, National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue said, Khanh Hoa has very important characteristics, located on the axis connecting the West, the plateau; there are Truong Sa archipelago, Cam Ranh port. Khanh Hoa needs to become a model combining economy, defense and security.

The National Assembly Standing Committee highly concurs with the Government’s proposal. Agencies “work day, work night” to propose specific mechanisms and policies.

Draft resolution to design 10 mechanisms and policies. Besides 6 specific mechanisms and policies applied to some provinces and cities, there are 4 new mechanisms and policies: Preparation for land acquisition in Van Phong Economic Zone and Cam Lam district; separate compensation, support, resettlement and site clearance projects from public investment projects; develop Van Phong economic zone; marine economic development in Khanh Hoa.

Delegate Tran Hoang Ngan said that Khanh Hoa has many characteristics, but for many years GDP per capita is lower than the national average, about 2,700 USD/person/year. Therefore, the mechanism specific to Khanh Hoa “should have been available soon along with the mechanism specific to Hue, Can Tho and Hai Phong”.

From the proposal of a specific mechanism for Khanh Hoa, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said that this is a very thought-provoking issue. Because if all 10 provinces apply for such a mechanism, it will become common and cannot be called special. This proves that there are specific policies that have become urgent from practice and need to be resolved. For example, the mechanism of separating site clearance from the project; decentralization of land management, forest land area, rice land area, and decentralization related to industrial zones are common mechanisms.

“All provinces and cities have proposed specific mechanisms and policies, and these same issues need to be considered. More decentralization must be done to see how the central government can play the leading role, while the locality takes the lead. more proactive,” said the Prime Minister.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister said that the Government is assigning to manage each field so that the Central Government can properly perform the role of state management, develop strategies, planning, develop mechanisms, policies, and institutions. . Associated with that is the strengthening of supervision, decentralization, decentralization, personalization of responsibilities, monitoring and urging, inspection, evaluation, replication of good models, good practices.

“We have to think about this. The government, all levels of government think and propose. On that basis, the competent authorities consider and decide,” the Prime Minister said.

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