Korean police interrogate the First Lady

Choi Gwan Ho, Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department, said the written investigation plan with Ms. Kim was not an implicit assumption about her innocence. The final decision will be made after considering the answer of the first lady of Korea.

In December 2021, the People’s Livelihood Economic Research Institute and many other civic organizations filed a complaint against Ms. Kim to the police. They allege she submitted documents with false information about her education and career when she applied for jobs to universities.

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First Lady Kim Keon-hee. (Photo: Korea Times)

According to Choi, the police sent the questionnaire to the first lady as part of the written investigation phase.

“We did not make a decision (about a written investigation) too hastily. Please understand that we did this after considering many different circumstances,” he said. Mr. Choi said.

Late last year, when her husband was running for the presidency, Kim apologized after being found to have dishonestly declared her job application many years ago.

“I shouldn’t have done it. Looking back, it was so embarrassing. It was all my fault and carelessness. Please forgive me.“, Kim told a televised press conference.

Talking about the allegations of perjury on her background, Ms. Kim said some of the personal information she reported was exaggerated and some was “wrongly written”.

She said she will take some time to reflect on herself.

“It is heartbreaking to face the fact that my husband is being criticized because of me. I will reflect deeply on my past mistakes and be careful not to disappoint the public’s expectations.”said Mrs. Kim.

According to South Korean media, Kim’s two “problematic” job applications are those she submitted to Suwon Women’s University in 2007 and Anyang University in 2013.

In these documents, she said she had been the director of the Korea Game Industry Association for three years from 2002, when in fact the association was founded in 2004. The filings also list, She won the Grand Prize award at the 2004 Seoul International Animation & Film Festival and won the top prize in the animation category of the 2004 Korean Content Awards.

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