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New research: Lose weight, increase sperm

New research: Losing weight, increasing sperm - Photo 1.

According to recent research, weight loss can help men double their sperm count – Illustration: medicaltransformationcenter.com

Professor Signe Torekov, of the University of Copenhagen’s department of biomedical sciences, who led the study, said: “It was surprising to us that an improvement in semen quality was associated with weight loss. There was 18 per cent. Danes are obese, this new study is really good news for their fertility.”

The study was published on Human Reproductionthe leading journal in the field of fertility.

As explained by Signe Torekov, obesity has long been known to be associated with reduced semen quality. Previous studies have also shown a link between weight loss and increased semen quality, but these studies included too few participants or the weight loss was so modest that it is difficult to draw conclusions.

“This is the first long-term randomized study where we have shown that semen quality in obese men is improved with sustained weight loss,” said Torekov.

Over the experimental period, men who lost an average of 16.5kg had a 50% increase in sperm concentration and 40% of sperm count in the eight weeks since losing weight. The quality of their semen continued to improvefor 52 weeks after weight loss.

If maintain their weight loss after 1 year, their sperm count is more than double what it was before losing weight.

New research: Losing weight, increasing sperm - Photo 2.

Losing weight improves semen quality – Illustration: REUTERS

Based on the results of this study, fertility and reproductive health experts recommendOverweight and obese men should lose weight to both improve their health and significantly increase the number of “sperm”. For cIn infertile couples, if the husband is overweight or obese, weight loss can be a treatment.

This study is part of a large study on weight loss. A total of 215 obese Danes participated in the study.

In the trial, all participants followed a low-calorie diet for eight weeks to lose weight. They were randomly divided into four groups: hOne group was given a placebo drug, while the other two groups were given an obesity drug and exercise.

After one year, the results showed that the exercise-only and no-drug group, as well as the obesity-only drug and no exercise group, had maintained a weight loss of 13kg.

The placebo group – those who thought they had been given medication and not exercised – lost very little weight but increased many risk factors for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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