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Play Math with VioEdu

Launched in January 2020, VioEdu Math Arena is a free Internet math playground familiar to most students from grades 1 to 9. The playground has always been successful when attracting a large number of students to participate. increasing every week, with a total of more than 30 million matches.

In the summer of 2022, in order to continue to provide a useful connection space and strengthen active knowledge for students, VioEdu launches a new version of the arena, called: Amazing Summer VioEdu 2022 with interface as well as the impressive “gaming” format.

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Exciting Summer VioEdu 2022 is a special version of VioEdu Math Arena, which is loved by millions of students.

Digital technology creates digital learning experiences

Exciting Summer VioEdu 2022 is a new and special version of VioEdu Math Arena, taking place from June 1 to the end of August 2022.

The playground inherits almost all the advantages of the Math Arena, in which the application of digital technology stands out. With a technology platform from FPT Corporation, VioEdu 2022 has applied two of the technology trends shaping the future of education, gamification (gamification) and AI (artificial intelligence), creating attractiveness for the competition and arouse students’ love of learning.

When incorporating game design theories into the learning platform, VioEdu helps students to approach and acquire knowledge enthusiastically through tasks, knowledge challenges, rankings, rewards, and more. redeem points for gifts. The rewards are “exchanged” from the children’s own knowledge and skills, so they are very meaningful. The competitive nature of the playground keeps students motivated to break through.

At the same time, artificial intelligence is also integrated in the system, turning Summer of Wonders into an effective learning assistant for students. After each match, students are assessed on knowledge topics, knowing what are their strengths and weaknesses in order to supplement and improve their knowledge.

“Makeover” in both the interface and the way of competition

The exciting summer playground VioEdu 2022 is open for free on the website, for all students from grades 1 to 9 nationwide who have accounts on the VioEdu system, not limited to any geographical area.

Through three stages of the competition, students will discover and conquer the magical land of math and technology with each famous landmark, conquering the lands to come to VioEduland in the final challenge. Each challenge is associated with a place, a wonder of the world, bringing practical but profound knowledge of both history and mathematics to the children.

Students will go through 12 challenges. In the first 11 weeks, the children competed on the VioEdu platform with the content of solving math, IQ quizzes and thinking with 30 questions lasting up to 20 minutes. In the final challenge, the top 04 best students in each grade will participate in a presentation contest to select the winners.

In addition to competing on the VioEdu platform, students can share their rankings and match results on their personal pages, which increases competition and is also a measure for them to work harder through each stage of the competition.

In addition to the new features of the interface and the way of competition, one of the special features of the exciting Summer VioEdu game 2022 is that in addition to Vietnamese Math, contestants will try with about 5-10 Math English questions in every match. This is also how VioEdu brings Math and English closer to high school students, helping them approach and strengthen foreign languages, ready to reach out to regional and international competitions.

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Not only a new interface and way of playing, Amazing Summer has more English Math exam content to help students improve their foreign languages.

Not only gaining valuable knowledge, contestants participating in the Amazing VioEdu Summer 2022 also have the opportunity to receive interesting trophies such as a set of 11 unique VioEdu badges themed on each mysterious land. , VioEdu diamonds (for gift exchange), personalized gifts of Amazing Summer, certificates… Especially, the winning contestants in the final round will receive practical items for learning such as computers. tablets, smartphones, robots to learn English… The total prize value of the contest is up to 500 million VND.

In the 2021-2022 school year, 25 Departments of Education and Training and nearly 20 Departments of Education and Training nationwide have accompanied in implementing the Math Arena playground for students in the area. The playground has received support from parents and teachers for helping students approach and learn Math well in a modern way, improving their foreign language ability, informatics and other necessary soft skills. With a new version that is more invested in interface, content and rewards, VioEdu 2022 Exciting Summer promises to be an attractive intellectual race for students this summer.

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