Portrait of the cutest athlete at SEA Games 31

Felisberto de Deus is the athlete who wrote the history of sports Timor Leste at the SEA Games. He brought this new 20-year-old country two silver medals in the men’s 5,000m and 10,000m athletics. These are all Timor Leste’s first SEA Games medals in athletics after 8 seasons of participation.

In the men’s 10,000m event, Felisberto finished second after athlete Nguyen Van Lai of the host country Vietnam. When he saw Lai celebrating, Felisberto did not hesitate to approach and hold the hand of the Vietnamese athlete to run around the stadium.

A few minutes later, he appeared with a flag of Timor Leste on his shoulder and a Vietnamese flag in his hand to celebrate with the home country’s fans present at My Dinh Stadium. This beautiful image immediately caused a storm on social networks, where netizens admired Felisberto’s tireless efforts and his affection for the host country.

“I am very happy to be the first Timor Leste athlete to win a medal in SEA Games 31. In the moment of making a miracle, I wanted to share this joy with athlete Nguyen Van Lai and Vietnamese fans, so I decided to run to him. Vietnam is very special because it is a country that has witnessed the success of my career. That’s why I asked a boy in the stands for a Vietnamese flag to celebrate,” Felisberto said. Tien Phong.

The country of Timor Leste is always in the heart of this athlete born in 1999. That’s why Felisberto expressed his desire to see the Vietnamese volunteer girl at the 31st SEA Games who ran so fast to give him the Timor Leste flag in a moment of celebration.

“I am very fortunate to have met that girl again. I have thanked her from the bottom of my heart. Not only me but the people of Timor are also grateful to her for helping our representatives in this moment. very important,” he said.

Portrait of the cutest athlete at SEA Games 31 - Photo 1.

Felisberto and a gift from Vietnamese fans.

Felisberto is 23 years old but looks very old. He confided: “My family is a farmer, my family is very poor. Sports is a way to help me get out of my personal situation. Bigger, I choose sports because this is a way to bring out the image of Timor Leste. to the world. I’m so proud!”.

Felisberto has great affection for the S-shaped land and is sincerely reciprocated. Recently, a Vietnamese fan came to the hotel where Felisberto stayed to give the athlete a baseball cap and Vietnamese specialties.

These are definitely unforgettable memories of a special SEA Games in Vietnam. I wish Felisberto and Timor Leste sports continued development in the future, firstly the 32nd SEA Games held in Cambodia next year 2023.

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