Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh: “SEA Games 31 is a victory for all of us”

“Dear delegates, distinguished guests!

The country of Vietnam, the people of Vietnam in the past days have been very honored and pleased to welcome delegates, distinguished guests and more than 10,000 athletes, coaches, and referees who have attended the 31st SEA Games – Dai The largest sports festival in Southeast Asia. The COVID-19 epidemic has forced us to delay the organization of the 31st SEA Games from November 2021 to May 2022. However, that makes us even closer together, more united, more effort, more determined, more drastic action, overcoming all difficulties and challenges because of high love of sport. to successfully organize the 31st SEA Games.

Dear all delegates!

We have gathered here to contribute to affirming the vision and mission of ASEAN, which is solidarity – peace – friendship – cooperation and development. That vision, that mission has surpassed the value of the Southeast Asian sports day event. As the host country, an active, active and responsible member of ASEAN and the international community, with the spirit of hospitality and respect, the leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam have paid special attention to this event. Over the past time, Vietnam has made great efforts to effectively prevent, repel and control the COVID-19 epidemic, ensure social security, stabilize people’s lives, focus on promoting recovery, socio-economic development, while prioritizing the best resources to carefully prepare and successfully organize the Congress.

Perhaps we all feel happy and excited when the venues are filled with spectators for a healthy sport, the culmination of which is the enthusiasm and dedication of more than 40,000 ancient fans. carefree and pure dance for the men’s football final at My Dinh Stadium. That is like the message from Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asian countries in general to the world that we have controlled the epidemic and safe life has gradually returned to normal.

In the process of hosting the 31st SEA Games, Vietnam is very happy, excited and honored to welcome the Speaker of the National Assembly of Singapore Tan Chuan-Jin, Mr. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense of Cambodia Tea Banh Ministers of Southeast Asian countries. This is a living proof of the good feelings and deep concern for the Southeast Asian sports movement in general and for the country and people of Vietnam in particular – the country of lotus soul, conical hat, dress.

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests!

We gather here to spread the spirit of solidarity – friendship and exchange of 11 cultures and 11 countries in the region. It is the unity in diversity of a multi-cultural Southeast Asia. During the opening session, we witnessed the friendship, vibrancy, impression and enthusiasm of representatives of sports delegations from countries in the region, all for the development of Southeast Asian sports and ” For a stronger Southeast Asia – a strong, prosperous Southeast Asia”.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh: SEA Games 31 is a victory for all of us - Photo 1.

Prime minister Pham Minh Chinh: We gather here to sing the victory song (Photo: Tuan Doan)

We gather here to sing the song of victory. More than 10,000 athletes, referees, and coaches are more than 10,000 stories about efforts, efforts, sacrifices to overcome difficulties and challenges to be carefree and innocent to participate in the sports festival of the region. our area. There are smiles, joy and triumph. And there are tears, sadness and regret when the expected results have not been achieved. But most of all, all the athletes tried their best, played their best, exchanged, learned, learned about different cultures, and received the support and encouragement of the fans. tomb. It is a victory for all of us; victory of honest, impartial, pure and noble sports spirit; victory over oneself, victory of solidarity and friendship among peoples.

We have gathered here today to say thank you to all the people who have contributed to the success of the Congress. On behalf of the Party and State leaders, I would also like to acknowledge and warmly commend the 31st SEA Games Organizing Committee, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, relevant ministries and branches, Hanoi city, and 11 localities. According to the local host of the events, the news agencies, the press, sponsors, volunteers and the people have made great efforts to contribute to the event and give their best support to the athletes. The image of a “safe, friendly, gentle, hospitable, integrated and developed Vietnam”, a “stronger Southeast Asia”, a “unified Southeast Asia, united in diversity” , a “Southeast Asia shines together” was portrayed throughout the 17 days of the Games. And I would like to give special thanks to all the national sports delegations, you have created a wonderful, successful, impressive 31st SEA Games, deposited humanity, memorable and humane profound and a noble spirit of sportsmanship, healthy competition because of the colors of the flag, not because of achievementism. With the Sao La mascot symbol and deep imprints, unforgettable and emotional memories will forever keep, inspire, motivate and spread in each of us.

Ladies and gentlemen and friends!

The 31st Southeast Asian Games was a great success. On behalf of the Leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam, I announce the closing of the Congress. The torch of faith triumphs; the torch of friendship and solidarity; The torch of peace and development in Southeast Asia will be forever lit. We will meet at the 32nd SEA Games in the beautiful and hospitable Cambodia. Goodbye and see you again.

Thank you very much!”

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