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Prison escape by tricks?

You should rely on the available data and observe the drawings to find out how prisoners escape from prison.

Question 1: Mike was arrested for multiple armed robberies. He said he only robbed to have money to buy food to feed his pets including dogs, cats, parrots, turtles, and rabbits in the house. It took the police a long time to catch Mike. But it wasn’t long before he escaped from the prisoner as the guard fell asleep.

How did Mike escape from prison?

Quiz: Prisoner escape by any tricks?


Verse 2: An inmate was taken to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. His mother quickly showed up in the hospital room and began to cry with anxiety. The doctor went out to prepare the operating room. Moments later, the nurse came to give the prisoner an injection when another doctor came out, followed by the mother as she went, begging the doctor to save her child. The nurse lifted the blanket and discovered that the prisoner had disappeared, with only pillows on the bed, and on the floor his mother’s bag.

How do prisoners escape?

Quiz: Prisoner escape by any tricks?  - first


Question 3: Peter found his wife dead on a chair in the backyard after an arrow hit her in the stomach. Police arrived at the scene and questioned three neighbors. Colleen said she just got home from work. Timmy said he did not leave the house all day. Alan said that he was severely nearsighted, so he had never played archery.

Who is the killer?

Quiz: Prisoner escape by any tricks?  - 2


Question 4: A small island just had a volcanic eruption. Soon after, the police received a report of a murder. The victim was a girl named Mary, murdered at home.

Police questioned the four suspects about what they were doing during the murder. Anna said she was taking you to the airport; Nick has dinner at a restaurant; Mia goes shopping at the mall; Max is at home watching TV.

Who is the killer?

Quiz: Prisoner escape by any tricks?  - 3


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