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Quad Summit: Supporting ASEAN Centrality

Long Nguyen (Resident of Vietnam Television Station in Japan)Tuesday, May 24, 2022 19:36 GMT+7

Leaders of the Quartet (Australian Prime Minister Albanese, US President Joe Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida, Indian Prime Minister Modi) in Tokyo. (Photo: AP)

The focus of the joint statement Quad Group Summit is a commitment to building cooperation in the region Indian Ocean – Pacific Ocean freedom, openness, respect for the law.

The joint statement of the conference stated that the Quartet group supported the principles of freedom, the rule of law, sovereignty and territorial integrity, resolved disputes by peaceful means, and strongly opposed. acts of using force to change the status quo, threaten freedom of navigation and overflight. The parties also support the strict respect for international law, especially those reflected in the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). The Quartet emphasized that all these principles are extremely important. for peace, stability and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region and for the whole world.

Quad Summit: Supporting ASEAN's central role - Photo 1.

Leaders of the Quartet attended the Japan-US-Ausralia-India Scholarship Anniversary event in Tokyo, May 24, 2022. (Photo: AP)

In a joint statement, the Quartet reaffirmed its “unwavering support for the unity and centrality of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).ASEAN) as well as the actual implementation of the ASEAN Vision for the Indo-Pacific (AOIP)”, while pledging to work closely to promote development and maintain order in the region.

At the conference, the Quartet also set a goal to support and invest more than 50 billion USD in infrastructure in the next 5 years, and agreed to strengthen cooperation in many other areas such as health security. global, combat climate change, ensure space security, network security, develop infrastructure. The next summit is expected to be held in Australia in 2023.

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