Revealing Apple’s ‘windowless’ smart car design

Video: Apple’s ‘windowless’ smart car design

The Daily Mail reported the corporation technology The American giant has filed for a patent for a virtual reality (VR) system that matches the “view” of the vehicle’s physical movements. For example, if the car is rolling down a hill, the system will project an image of a roller coaster.

The design shows that the car seats can move to match the image, giving occupants a large-scale 4DX cinema-like experience. However, this technology means that users will miss the beauty of the real world and completely replace it with virtual graphics. The US Patent and Trademark Office licensed Apple’s in-vehicle virtual reality system on May 3.

Revealing Apple's 'windowless' smart car design - 1

Design drawings for Apple’s virtual reality system showing the location of the seats, screens and sound system in the Apple Car. (Photo: Daily Mail)

The Apple Car project has been underway for about a decade, but so far there is no official launch date.

Apple claims this design can help beat the motion sickness that is common in passengers when they watch movies or look at electronic screens in the car. Motion sickness occurs when the senses are in conflict: our eyes detect movement but the rest of the body does not.

Apple says its self-driving vehicles will have few or even no windows. And so the motion that passengers experience in the vehicle can match what they see through the virtual reality system.

Recently, images of the potential design of the future Apple Car have been circulating on social networks. This self-driving car is said to have a jet black color, a sloping roofline and no windows. They are graphic products of Concept Creator and LetsGoDigital, not “original” designs of Apple.

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