Ride-hailing apps ‘launch’ driver retention bonuses

The continuous increase in gasoline prices from the beginning of the year until now has put a lot of pressure on taxi drivers and technology vehicles. In mid-March, in the face of rising gasoline prices and at a record high, some ride-hailing apps had to increase transportation rates.

In the context of gasoline prices continuing to escalate, ride-hailing applications have had to launch reward and support programs to retain drivers.

Car-hailing apps 'toss' bonuses to retain drivers - Photo 1.

Trip bonuses are an important income for technology drivers. Illustration

Recently, Grab launched a bonus program to increase income for GrabCar drivers. Accordingly, when completing 20 GrabCar rides during peak hours each day, the driver will be rewarded with 350,000 VND respectively. The condition to receive the reward is that the driver has a trip acceptance rate of over 80%.

Also in May, Gojek launched the program “Run for 1 week, earn 7% of revenue” for GoCar drivers. Accordingly, based on the number of operating days, the number of completed trips and the performance within 1 week, the accounts The driver will receive the corresponding incentive.

Specifically, for drivers who complete 50 trips, have a minimum of 4 operating days (including at least 1 on Saturday or Sunday), 3% bonus; Completing 80 trips and operating for at least 5 days is rewarded with 5% and 7% bonus for 120 trips and 6 days of operation respectively.

Be is considered to be strong in reward programs for drivers. Accordingly, this application is divided into 8 reward levels from 300,000 VND to 5.5 million VND, corresponding to 60 – 350 points/week. In which, each beCar trip in the inner city or to the province completed, the driver will receive 1-3 points.

Trip bonuses are an important source of income for technology drivers in addition to earnings from rides. Therefore, drivers tend to choose ride-hailing apps with high rewards to increase their income. The reward programs are continuously adjusted by the calling company on a weekly and monthly basis.

However, many drivers said that it is not easy to run enough trips to receive rewards. One driver said: “Running more than 20 rides or even 30 rides a day to receive bonus points is not easy, especially during peak times, rainy, windy, traffic jams, completing the bonus milestone is almost ” impossible”.

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