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Saigon river cruise tour with great discount

Instead of the maximum price that can be up to 10 million VND for 3 hours of experience, the cruise tour is adjusted and the promotion is only 1.98 million VND.

Sai Gon River Cruise Tour is a new tourism product of Ho Chi Minh City aimed at mid-range and high-class guests. The estimated price of the tour is up to 10 million VND a guest. However, this price has been adjusted to VND 2,568 million, including fees, snacks, wine, insurance… On May 19, the yacht welcomed the first group of guests to experience, with a promotional price of only 1.98 million dong left.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Man, Head of Marketing Communications Department TST Tourist, the operator of this tourism product, shared that the option of opening a cruise tour of 5-10 million per person is not feasible when the product is still quite new in Ho Chi Minh City. Not many tourists are willing to spend when they don’t know how to go on a cruise on the Saigon River, but it costs 5-10 million VND, going in only about 3 hours.

The first guests went on a cruise on the Saigon River, using a yacht

The first guests went on a boat tour on the Saigon River, the tour received from 12 to 25 guests. Image: Huynh Nhi

The company has worked with yacht supplier Les Rives to adjust the price, because tourism products in Ho Chi Minh City must be really valuable for people to support. In the first stage, businesses will sell tours at a reasonable rate so that tourists have time to experience and learn about this type of tour. Gradually, the product will be upgraded to meet the needs of customers in higher segments.

“With the current price of boat tours, many people will have the opportunity to experience more. Like students who want to go on a cruise, if they only need to save money for 1-2 months, they can try it, but not too much,” he said. Man said, yachts have many levels, the type of yacht in the tour is at an acceptable level, it is important that visitors feel the experience and enjoy the services while on the cruise.

A representative of Les Rives company said that the yacht exploited in the tour is a 2-hull boat, equipped with two 200HP Yahmaha engines, manufactured in Ho Chi Minh City. Boat width 4 m, length 12.45 m, maximum number of passengers is 25 people, with 2 spaces inside and skydeck.

The cruise tour starts at 4pm at Bach Dang Wharf, takes visitors down the Saigon River towards Nha Rong Wharf, Tan Thuan Port to see the beauty of the two banks. After that, the boat returns to the city center, takes visitors to the direction of Thu Thiem 2 bridge, Landmark 81, watching the buildings change colors, capturing shimmering photos and ending at 18:30.

Having experienced a river bus, dining on a cruise ship and participating in a new boat tour on the Saigon River, a passenger shared that each type has different advantages and disadvantages. Cruises are more private, slow, and the service is more advanced. However, with a large number of guests, the space to move may be limited, on days when the weather is not favorable such as rainy, humid, it will feel uncomfortable.

The first passengers went on a cruise on the afternoon of May 19.  Photo: Huynh Nhi

Guests enjoy fruits, pastries and savory dishes, wine and soft drinks in the cruise. Image: Huynh Nhi

Huynh Nhi

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