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SEA Games 31 – Convergence to shine together

SEA Games 31 ended with the first place for the whole team for Vietnam. The host won 205 golds, 125 silvers and 116 bronzes, setting a new record for the number of gold medals won by a team at a single event. Thailand ranked second with 92 gold medals, 103 silver medals and 136 bronze medals, despite its ambition to win over 100 gold medals.

According to director Hoang Cong Cuong, the theme of the closing ceremony of the 31st SEA Games is “Gather to shine”, in order to bring a new breath of the times, young life, and health to overcome. all difficulties and epidemics. From there, it proves Vietnam’s strength and solidarity with all countries in Southeast Asia.

The highlight of the chapter is the handover ceremony of the flag of the Southeast Asian Sports Federation to Cambodia – the host country of the 32nd SEA Games and the welcoming art performance of Cambodia with Apsara dance – a symbol of culture and soul. and Khmer identity.

When asked why the Vietnamese delegation created such a big gap on the leaderboard, team leader Tran Duc Phan said: “Professally, this is the most competitive SEA Games of the standing countries. In the first place, including Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, besides Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, our superiority with 205 gold medals is somewhat surprising.”

SEA Games 31 converges to shine - Photo 1.

The closing ceremony of the 31st SEA Games took place solemnly and boldly at the Hanoi Indoor Athletics Palace tonight, May 23. Photo: Le Hieu

“When the professional department reviews each subject, content and correlation of forces, we are expected to win 145-185 gold medals. I asked the professional department to review it carefully, because the safety probability is 140 gold However, the surprising thing is that in some subjects, the athletes performed well when they were able to compete at home,” added Mr. Phan.

The Technical and Professional Subcommittee of the 31st SEA Games has selected 4 typical faces to nominate excellent athletes of this Games, including Nguyen Huy Hoang (Vietnam) and Jing Wen Quah (Singapore, swimming), Nguyen Thi. Oanh (Vietnam) and Joshua Robert Atkinson (Thailand, athletics).

All four nominees are Olympic athletes in athletics and swimming, in group 1 of the SEA Games Charter. They all had outstanding achievements at the 31st Southeast Asian Games.

At the closing ceremony of the 31st SEA Games, female kurashist To Thi Trang was honored in the category for athletes who represent will, energy, and sportsmanship to overcome all difficulties and challenges. Previously, the female boxer caused great emotion when she choked up after winning the gold medal: “I want to dedicate this achievement to my father. My father is seriously ill. Dad, I miss him. I love you dad. Get well again so we can be happy with your daughter, dad.”

SEA Games 31 converges to shine - Photo 2.

Track and field athlete Nguyen Thi Oanh was honored as the typical athlete at the 31st SEA Games

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung spoke at the closing ceremony, including the passage: “The success of the 31st SEA Games is not only reflected in the efforts and efforts of the host country Vietnam, the enthusiastic support of the host country, Vietnam. countries in the region, the medals, the new records were set but also the song about honesty, nobility, is a testament to a good future development of sports in the region is growing. step by step approach the level of the continent and the world.

SEA Games 31 has really become a festival of solidarity and friendship. The theme of the Congress “For a Stronger Southeast Asia” was shined and was a great success. The Congress Organizing Committee expressed its deep gratitude to the interest of the Party, State, Government of Vietnam, ministries, central branches and localities in hosting the Games of the Congress.

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