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Should I continue to know someone who has a child of his own?

I am 31 years old, single. He is 38 years old, divorced from his wife, has a six-year-old son. I take care of the main child. I only come home to my mother’s house for two weekends.

I feel that he loves and pampers me. Although we are both very busy, we always spend time together at night, sometimes we go out to eat. When he was at home teaching his children to study, then he would call me and talk to me. He often shares about his children, parents, and work with me. His father was sick, lying in one place, his mother stayed at home to take care of him and his stepdaughter. He is the main income in the house. He and his wife divorced because she was promiscuous. His personality is sometimes respectable. His ex-wife works in insurance, has a precarious income, and has to take care of her stepdaughter with her previous husband, so he alone has to take care of his son, pick up and take care of the children. Sometimes I feel very confused, after all, he has a son with his ex-wife.

>> Boyfriend has a child of his own but doesn’t accept it

He was very attentive and worried about me, thinking and buying gifts for my parents. He said he has nothing to do with his ex-wife but his son. He often showed me the text messages he exchanged with his ex-wife to reassure me that there was nothing left other than children. Regardless of your family background and circumstances, you are a good man, according to my actual feelings. Should I continue this relationship? Please add, you let me talk to the baby. She is quite obedient, personality, talks to me very politely and happily.


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