Step by step towards the dream of becoming an Architecture student

Each college admission season, Hanoi University of Architecture (HAU) tries to give candidates the closest and most direct advice and answers so that they can initially understand the preparation process. profile, as well as understand their majors and social needs after graduation.

Last weekend, the first broadcast was an online exchange of the Faculty of Architecture with interesting guests: Dr. Architect Dang Hoang Vu – Vice Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and student Tran Dao Quang Huy, class 2017K2. Information to students to gradually move towards the dream of becoming an Architecture student.

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Dr. Architect Dang Hoang Vu – Vice Dean of Faculty of Architecture (middle) and student Tran Dao Quang Huy, class 2017K2 (left) in an exchange with MC Thu Huong.

After more than 60 years of training, up to now, Faculty of Architecture has affirmed its position as the leading Architect training cradle in Vietnam. Becoming a student of the Faculty of Architecture is the dream of many young people.

Mr. Vu said that last school year, despite being affected by the epidemic, teachers and students were still excited to participate in many competitions and continuously won many great prizes. The Hanoi Creative Space Contest at the end of 2021, students of the Faculty of Architecture won a double when they won the first prize of the council and the first prize of the vote.

In addition, other contests such as Ayda – Young Asian Designer, Green Architecture Award, Landscape Architecture Competition of Cat Ba Amatina area organized by Architects Association… students always win high prizes. Especially, last April, at the 13th Architecture Student Festival in Tuy Hoa, the competition team of the Faculty of Architecture won more than 20 prizes.

Along with student activities, Faculty of Architecture lecturers also actively participated in architectural design competitions and won many high prizes. During the National Architecture Award ceremony in 2022, 1 first prize and 2 second prizes were awarded to lecturers- architects of the Faculty of Architecture.

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The Hanoi Architecture University team attended the XIII Architecture Student Festival.

Tran Dao Quang Huy is one of the typical faces of the Faculty of Architecture. Huy has just returned from a successful National Architecture Student Festival with “team HAU”. Huy shared that he was lucky to be able to attend 2 consecutive festivals, each time attending was a different experience.

Sharing the secret of learning and winning awards, Huy believes that architecture is not an individual, so you can find good teammates to form good groups to achieve together. Besides, it takes a lot of practice, each person can find their strengths and strengths to make reasonable choices.

Huy excitedly talked about the process of the national team of Architecture students who manually built the works, designed the exhibition booths themselves and also the very “artistic” musical performances of the “Kien people”. “It feels like standing in the middle of a galaxy full of architectural stars. Students coming to the Faculty of Architecture will have many experiences and opportunities to participate in these competitions“, Huy shared.

According to TS.Architect Dang Hoang Vu, the architecture industry is always “hot” when the beautiful and luxurious elements in architecture are increasingly demanded in a developed society. The economic life has improved significantly, the more beauty is focused and enhanced, the more career opportunities in Architecture will be opened.

Architecture brings career value as well as fascination for learners. The pride of architects is the pride when designing beautiful and useful works for society, building a civilized image for the community, preserving architectural heritages….

Besides, the personal life of the architects is also very emotional with young souls. Therefore, Architect is still a profession that receives a lot of attention and pursuit of many young people. The image of a dynamic, intelligent, very open-minded, enthusiastic young architect class… always creates attraction and admiration.

At the exchange, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Architecture affirmed that through social surveys, 100% of Architecture graduates have jobs and HAU always aims to train young people to be responsible after graduation. with society, self-confident, independent..

However, in order to become good architects, Mr. Vu advises students right in the learning process to collect and cultivate more practical knowledge and add skills such as communication, presentation, and foreign languages.

Step by step towards the dream of becoming an Architecture student - 3

The AA Awards Honoring Ceremony – The Architectural Achievement Award is a noble award that students always strive towards.

As for the important university exam approaching, Mr. Vu only used the two words “calm” to give to the candidates, confidently doing everything he had prepared. As for Quang Huy, who has excelled in overcoming the “vulture of martial arts” 5 years ago, Huy advises that contestants need to stay healthy, confident and steady. Close to the exam time, should spend time preparing tools, focus on the exam and take the exam with maximum confidence and comfort.

With the peculiarity of Architecture, there is a gifted exam, it is a challenge, but if I approach it properly, it is also a great advantage so that I can immediately show my personality and strengths when I enter the school. The preparation of a solid knowledge base is obvious, but with HAU’s aptitude test, you need to prepare a sharp and flexible mind to cope with the diversity and richness of topics to Perform the exam in the best way“, Quang Huy shared.

Two guests, one as a lecturer and one as a student, had an interesting exchange and proved that the relationship between teachers and students of Architecture is very close. Mr. Vu affirmed, “We consider students as future colleagues, students often share their thoughts about their careers, their lives, and their difficulties” and if you have personality, With passion, strong creativity, Architecture is for you.

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