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The bride who just returned to her hometown was challenged, my mother-in-law immediately spoke up, making the whole family of the husband’s family embarrassed

After I got married, I settled down in the city. Husband’s parent in the countryside. My first year as a bride, I hadn’t had to cook a single meal until last week’s death anniversary of my husband’s grandfather.

That day, very early, the children and grandchildren gathered at Grandma’s house to prepare logistics. Below my husband are young children who are going to school, so the main kitchen work consists of my mother-in-law and the aunts and uncles in charge.

As soon as I appeared, before I could say hello, an old lady spoke up: “Ah, now there is a new bride. We go home and have a drink. Shelves for granddaughter-in-law to show off. This is my stage. All of you give me up.”

Hearing that, the aunts and uncles laughed and no one told anyone, everyone got up together, leaving me and my mother-in-law in the kitchen.

Although I had to prepare more than a dozen trays, I still couldn’t make it difficult for me, because from a young age I was taught very strictly by my mother to master the “household housewife” job. Seeing me do everything quickly and skillfully, you guys can’t “see” anything to criticize.

At mealtime, when the tray of rice was brought up, everyone admired me for being brave and talented. Looking at my mother-in-law smiling and talking, she must be very proud of me. But things have just begun.

As soon as I sat down on the tray of rice, the place was still not warm, a lady took the food into my bowl and smiled and said: “My niece-in-law shows off the dishwashing part too, isn’t it. Well, we’ve got a score of 9 already. Is there another point to see if washing dishes is as good as when making dishes?”.

I’m still tired after preparing more than a dozen dishes, listening to my aunt say that, I can only hum and say nothing. Really don’t think husband’s relatives so worth it. Challenging a new granddaughter-in-law doesn’t have to be so extreme, right? With so many relatives, I would have fainted if I had to force my niece-in-law to serve me from cooking to cleaning. So angry, but because I want to look good on my husband and in-laws, I try to hold it in my heart without saying it.

The bride who had just returned to her hometown was challenged, and my mother-in-law immediately spoke up, making both her husband's relatives embarrassed - Photo 1.


At this moment, my mother-in-law probably couldn’t keep her composure anymore and said: “My daughter-in-law is not the house of the uncles and aunts. No matter how good or bad it is, her husband will accept it. Even I can’t ask for it like this. She lives her whole life with her husband, not with her aunts and uncles, where she has to show off.

In the old days, the grandmothers were also naive, surely they would have been like it. Over the years, I have quietly made aunties, you guys just get used to it. Now that she has become a grandmother, she has to work hard to do it. You keep looking at it, putting all the work in the hands of your daughter-in-law, they are afraid and won’t dare to marry your children.

Now that my mother and I have cooked more than a dozen trays, the cleaning part will be left to the ladies. The story in them, each person has one leg and one hand to do together. Everyone wants others to do it for them, until when?”.

After listening to my mother-in-law, everyone just shut up. Everyone was too shy, so they changed the conversation to change the atmosphere of the meal.

After eating, my mother went to the table to eat fruit, indicating to leave the cleaning part to everyone. I also wanted to sit with my mother, but to save face for the aunts and uncles, I also gathered to clean up. Maybe it was because of shyness that the auntie just spoke up and told me to just rest and let everyone do it.

I think it’s also true, anyway, my mother-in-law and I have cooked more than a dozen dishes ourselves. Even now, people who wash more than a dozen dishes are still mildly bored. So I sat next to my mother-in-law and ate fruit together, mother and daughter looked at each other and smiled. I thank my mother for speaking out defend the daughter-in-law.

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