The “dark corners” in the profession

Real estate brokers use enough “tricks” to achieve the goal of selling goods and running sales. Illustration

The director of a real estate exchange (don’t be named) told a story about how he lost a VIP customer of his company when he was “passed” by the project development unit that his company participated in distributing. ” when ready to give a higher discount to the customer.

According to the story he told, the price of the corner lot of project E. in Dien Ban, Quang Nam that the developer company W. offered was 3.2 billion after deducting the discount. Because this is a VIP customer of the company, after a while of negotiation, the leader of the project development unit agreed to reduce an additional 300 million VND – closing the price at 2.9 billion VND for the aforementioned land lot. At the appointment to sign the contract, the customer came up but did not sign and said that he felt he was “spoiled”.

“A few days later, when the company employee called back to the customer to ask about the situation, he was scolded and slapped with the reason why he was a VIP customer of the company but still being charged. After saying that, he turned off the phone,” – according to the director.

“When I asked, I found out that when the customer just got home, the staff of the project development company called and said the leader agreed to reduce the customer by another 200 million – the price was 2.7 billion. I didn’t either. understand why W. company behaves like that, causing us to both lose customers and lose credibility because of being accused of selling prices” – he said bitterly.

Another exchange also said that it had spent a lot of money running ads to close a customer to buy the land of the project at Nguyen Sinh Sac street (Da Nang) but ended up canceling the schedule. However, at the opening ceremony, the above exchange could not sign a contract with the customer because the project developer “played it”.

“Our customer on the list of priority purchases is priority 1, the customer of the project developer is priority 2. On the day of the sale, the project developer hid the contract of the land lot, not giving priority 1 to sign a deposit transfer contract, after the time of priority 1, they give the contract to priority 2 – the customer of the project developer to buy”, he said.

“In addition, this same company, when opening the project for sale, in principle, our company provides customer information to the project developer, and then they use the phone number that we provide. I supply, call customers directly to “pass” and offer to sell another lot to customers with a more preferential policy “- he added.

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Real estate brokerage is one of the hot jobs today when the income from commissions is quite large if successfully selling a property.

Sharing privately with PV, a veteran broker in Hoa Xuan also told a story about one of his customers who came to see the land and basically “locked” 99% of a plot of land in Hoa Xuan. In the side story when preparing the procedures to sign the contract, this customer said that he knew Ms. M. – the leader of an M. exchange with the slogan: The biggest strategic partner of S corporation.

“The customer asked for her phone number to call Ms. M., saying that she was about to buy this land lot, but Ms. M said don’t buy it, she doesn’t know who we are, she is the biggest strategic partner of S corporation should buy through sister to get preferential treatment. When he heard that, the customer left,” said the broker.

In the trading floor itself, salesmen also play “dirty blows” with each other, many brokers have had to resort to discounting, deducting their own commission to reduce for customers to get sales. In the brokerage profession this action is called “blood cutting”.

With low-value land lots, not saying, but with high-end real estate, resorts, the commission for each product can sometimes be up to several hundred million dong, so customers will immediately choose the sales to play this game.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong – General Director of Dai Phuc Land Company, said that unfair competition tactics in brokerage groups is not only a local phenomenon, but also reflects a root situation of the industry due to the fact that lack of professional standards and specific sanctions for brokers.

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