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The dream wedding is surprisingly simple with many unexpected details

Not choosing their own home or wedding hall, hotel to hold, now many brides and grooms have the choice of special locations to get married. Like the bride and groom below, they have chosen to go with their families to a homestay on the outskirts of the city to hold their wedding.

Stage 1: Choose a place

The bride, groom and both sides of the family come to stay in the same homestay before. The area of ​​the boy’s family and the girl’s family is not in the same place to create privacy.

On the day of the wedding, early in the morning, while the bride was doing her makeup, the groom handwritten the letter he would send to the bride.

Because wedding This is going to be a pretty special event, so the couple gets to meet and celebrate first. The beautiful bride, as natural as a princess, waits for her groom to appear and go to the living room together to perform the rituals in the wedding.

Second Stage: First Look

The groom has never seen the bride in her wedding dress. The venue is chosen in a small and lovely homestay yard. The groom waits for his wife to appear with a lot of mood while the bride is walking down the stairs. The groom anxiously awaits seeing his wife for the first time in a bridal gown.

Before the groom returned, they exchanged pre-written letters. After about 3 minutes of silently reading the letter, both of their eyes gradually turned red.

The bride raised her head and patted the groom’s shoulder. He looked up, but didn’t turn right away. Instead, he took a deep breath, paused for 5 seconds, then turned his head and saw his bride. Feeling overwhelmed, the groom hugged the bride crying in happiness. That moment was witnessed by the parents of both sides.

Stage 3: Welcoming guests

The guests kept coming and taking pictures with the bride and groom. The party took place intimately and warmly, so the decoration scene was also very simple and gentle. Photos hung on trees in the homestay yard or decorative stone lotus pots create a natural look.

Each guest was given a small fan, printed with the bride and groom’s chibi image, which made everyone eagerly raise their hands to take pictures.

Stage 4: The wedding party begins

The father of the bride takes his daughter by the hand to the wedding hall. The ceremony took place on the lawn by the pool. There were less than 50 people, all of them relatives, friends and family. All create a comfortable, pleasant environment.

The flower gate is decorated with white roses. The color scene is very harmonious on the background of green leaves, green grass and green surrounding trees. The bride also held hands with a beautiful bouquet of white flowers.

When there were emotional moments during the wedding ceremony, the bride’s mother had tears in her eyes and the father of the bride was holding his wife’s hand. Perhaps, the affection of parents has helped the bride and groom better understand what love is like.

When exchanging rings, an incident occurs when the ring is left in the room. At that moment, the bride suddenly signaled with her ring finger, and the groom also extended his hand, coordinating with his wife to wear the “invisible ring”. Next, the groom also knelt down to do the same, both happy like children. The guests applauded the young couple’s intelligence and fun.

The wedding is small but has the most dear and lovely moments. After completing the organization, the two families took pictures together.

Waiting for the party to be arranged, the bride and groom also have some photos that are considered as their wedding photos because both did not take photos before the wedding.

Everything about this compact wedding is just the right fit, pretty and sophisticated. There are no crowds, noise or redundancies. From the color, the decoration to the emotions of the bride and groom and the guests are all very natural. All in harmony and in accordance with the wishes of the bride and groom.

That said, organizing a small but delicate and thoughtful wedding is not easy. However, if it can be done, it will be the most outstanding and memorable wedding that will make every guest flutter. face-cuoi-20220524185623707.chn

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