The groom has Covid 19, the bride is still happy with the substitute groom

The real groom with Covid-19 could not be at the wedding party, the bride decided to bring the “substitute groom” to have fun with friends and family.

The groom is unlucky Covid-19 only 3 days before the wedding reception, but the bride still decided to hold the event as planned and used stickers on the cardboard to represent the groom.

This is a special story with a twist of the couple Amanda and Sam Greenberg in the US. Previously, the two’s wedding was postponed for the past 2 years because of the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The groom has Covid-19, the bride is still happy with the substitute groom-1
The bride pasted the groom’s picture on the wedding day at her father-in-law’s house on the cardboard to bring to the wedding party. (Photo: Insider)

The young couple decided to hold a wedding party with guests being family members and friends on April 30. This is also an important day for the bride Amanda, as April 30 is the 43rd wedding anniversary of her parents.

”My mother passed away five years ago and that’s one of the many reasons we still want to get married on April 30. I appreciate Sam’s understanding, because on this very day my mother became a bride and I want the same. Ms. Amanda said.

Sharing with Insider, Ms. Amanda added that she and Mr. Sam had engagement in 2019. Initially, they planned to get married in September 2020. But when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in March 2020, the couple decided to delay the wedding twice.

Towards the beginning of 2021, they held a wedding in the yard of the bride’s father’s house in Maryland on January 31. The event marked them officially becoming a legal husband and wife.

Although the wedding was held at home, the couple still wanted to have a traditional celebration. Therefore, they scheduled a wedding invitation on April 30, 2022.

But on April 27, just 3 days away from the wedding party, Sam received a positive test result for Covid-19. The couple is forced to make an important decision to cancel the wedding party and lose all the money deposited, or still hold the wedding party as usual even though the bride is in close contact with the groom.

“Following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, I’ve told everyone I was exposed but I didn’t develop symptoms.” Miss Amanda recalls.

Since Mr. Sam still needs to be isolated at home, Ms. Amanda came up with the idea of ​​bringing a cardboard card with the groom’s picture to the wedding party. Thinking to do it, Ms. Amanda took a picture of the groom Sam taken on the day of the wedding at his father-in-law’s yard to make an avatar and paste it on the cardboard. The bride spent about 400 USD for 2 cardboard photos.

”I just want the groom to be at the wedding too, and it’s a happy memory of dancing with the cardboard”Ms. Amanda talked about the 1.5m high cardboard substitute for the groom Sam.

What did not surprise Amanda was the sudden appearance of her husband at the wedding party, even though he was infected with Covid-19. Accordingly, Mr. Sam appeared on the screen of the wedding center to surprise his wife.

Sharing with the “substitute groom”, Mr. Sam said he felt his image on the cardboard was quite funny, and hoped it was larger in size to reflect his true height. real-life groom.

”Unique is the only word to describe this. I was absent from the event, but more than anything I want Amanda to be happy and feel like a bride’‘, Mr. Sam shared.

”I feel really happy because my wife had the best time in this difficult situation, as well as enjoying the party with friends and family. We still have the rest of our lives to celebrate together.” Mr. Sam said.

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