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The US announced the results of the investigation into the submarine collision in the East Sea

The US announced the results of the investigation of the submarine collision in the East Sea - Photo 1.

USS Connecticut (SSN-22) at the Yokosuka Fleet, Japan on July 31, 2021 – Photo: US Navy

Last October, the US Pacific Fleet confirmed submarine The USS Connecticut collided with an object “while below international waters in the Indo-Pacific”.

The incident happened on October 2, but due to security reasons, it was not officially announced until October 8.

By early November, US Navy investigators concluded their nuclear submarine USS Connecticut hit an underwater mountain, not a mysterious object as rumored.

According to NBC Connecticut, the US Navy announced the final results of the investigation on May 23.

The investigation team said the incident occurred due to a series of shortcomings in navigation planning, crew deployment and risk management. The investigation found that the USS Connecticut made many mistakes that did not meet the standards of the US Navy.

“USS Connecticut rammed into a submarine mountain (not shown on charts) while sailing in a less surveyed area in international waters. This mistake was inherently preventable,” the latest report said. .

The results of the investigation also point to specific issues that need to be addressed during deployment training and crew certification. The US Navy is said to be “urgently” implementing these improvements across its entire submarine force.

According to the news site The Divethe incident occurred while the USS Connecticut was performing a “humanitarian evacuation” (HUMEVAC) to the Japanese island of Okinawa.

HUMEVAC is conducted when one or more crew members need to go to a certain location for reasons such as medical examination, a loved one is seriously ill or has a premature baby.

“Given the inherently dangerous nature of naval operations, we cannot completely eliminate risk and error, but prioritizing safety will shape the meticulousness of combat missions, increasing compliance. comply with regulations and form the habit of asking questions to seek,” the US Navy emphasized in the latest statement.

In November last year, the commander of the nuclear submarine USS Connecticut was fired, about a month after the ship crashed into a reef in the South China Sea early the previous month.

After the accident, the ship had to move in a floating state to go to Guam for repair.

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