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“Thirst” for human resources in artificial intelligence, AI, IoT

At the conference “Outstanding Technology Trends and Jobs in 2022” taking place on the morning of May 24, technology experts agreed that digital technology application will change value, create profits, make everything more optimal.

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Training human resources in the technology industry to meet the shortage of personnel is a great requirement. The hunt for personnel is happening all over the world

The World Economic Forum’s employment report 2022 shows that digital technology is applied to all different industries and countries, especially prominent core technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, IoT, AI …The role of infrastructure and digital technology is even more evident during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the fields of education and manufacturing.

The application of new technology creates huge job opportunities. Even in developed countries, the training of human resources to meet this requirement is still a huge shortage, and the hunt for “personnel” is taking place all over the world. Vietnam has many opportunities to join this workforce due to its young, ambitious and passionate workforce with good academic ability. Recently, students’ English ability has also been significantly improved.

“The truth is that the 4.0 revolution is happening very strongly, no country will pass up this opportunity. For Vietnam – a developing country, this is the only opportunity to get ahead” – Dr. Le Anh Ngoc , director of Swinburne Innovation Space, commented.

According to Mr. Tran Xuan Khoi, Chairman and General Director of VTI, a young enterprise operating in the field of providing information technology services to the Japanese market, the demand for Computer Science in the international market is unlimited and this is the most promising career today.

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Information technology industry attracts the attention of many students

Agreeing with the above view, Dr. Alex Stojcevski, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Computing and Engineering, Swinburne University of Technology, said that even in Australia, students have very good job opportunities and most of them already have jobs. worked since before graduation. Dr. Alex Stojcevski affirmed that computer science is considered the “flagship” in the field of technology training at Swinburne. Currently, Swinburne University of Technology Australia is implementing the “Moon Shots” strategy. Accordingly, it is very important to train according to the method that gives students a lot of practical experience and helps them have job opportunities.

Dr. Le Minh Duc, Head of Information Technology Faculty of Swinburne Vietnam, said that the unit now has a force of lecturers of international quality to conduct training in this industry. The training of majors in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Software Development or Internet of Things is in great demand in Vietnam. These are also industries with strong points of Swinburne Vietnam.

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