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Ukraine tightens border security with Belarus

The curfew ordered by the government Ukraine announced on May 23, applied in the border areas in Kiev, Zhitomir and Rovno.

“Additional restrictions have been implemented, prohibiting civilians from moving within 1 km along the border, except for local communities” – news agency TASS Russia cited a notice on Facebook of officials in the Rovno region, northern Ukraine, said.

The curfew area also prohibits people and vehicles from moving outside the residential area from 10pm the night before to 5am the next morning. People in the area are also prohibited from using cameras and camcorders, as well as not wearing military clothing, hunting and fishing.

“Citizens who need to work on the farm must notify the border guards in advance,” the Ukrainian official said, adding that the restrictions will remain in effect until Ukraine cancels martial law.

Ukraine tightens border security with Belarus - Photo 1.

A shell crater in a residential area in Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk region, Ukraine. Photo: Reuters

The tightening of border security by Ukrainian authorities with Belarus comes amid rising tensions between the two neighbors.

In fact, tensions between Ukraine and Belarus escalated after Russia launched a special military operation on February 24. Belarus has repeatedly stated that it has no plans to participate in the Russian campaign, but has warned that it will respond if attacked.

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus recently announced the unexpected inspection of weapons and logistics equipment to ensure combat readiness. Belarus’ move comes after Security Council Chairman Alexander Volfovich accused Ukraine of planting mines, setting up barricades along the border and deploying reconnaissance groups to infiltrate Belarusian territory.

Belarus also believes that Ukraine is concentrating large military units along the border. They previously estimated that about 10,500 Ukrainian troops are stationed in Rovno province, 4,500 are concentrated in the east near Chernihiv province and about 5,500 in the central region, outside the capital Kiev.

Russia gives Kherson region (Ukraine) 50 tons of goods

Mikhail Mizintsev, director of the Russian Defense Management Center, said that more than 50 tons of humanitarian goods were delivered to people in the Kherson region of Ukraine on May 22.

“A humanitarian operation was conducted on May 22 in the Kherson region. In total, 50 tons of humanitarian aid was distributed to everyone,” Mikhail Mizintsev told the news agency. TASS on May 23.

The director of the Russian Center for Defense Management added that a total of 21,920.4 tons of humanitarian goods have been sent to Ukraine by Russia since March 2. In addition, Russia also carried out 1,405 humanitarian operations in neighboring Ukraine.

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