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“Unbeatable Dong Phuong” Tran Kieu An is happy with her husband 9 years younger

Tran Kieu An born in 1979, was once known as the queen of Taiwanese idol dramas thanks to the success of the projects Frog Prince, I am destined to love you. She also participated in famous works such as Arrogant Gypsy, Class of Lady, Lady of the King, Cam Tu Duyen magnificent and adventurous…

On March 31, Tran Kieu An announced her marriage to her boyfriend Alan after nearly 3 years of dating. She said the wedding was postponed because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Recently, Tran Kieu An shared with the media about his hundred-year story with his “other half”. The beauty said that when completing the marriage registration procedure, she quickly informed the fans. Now I post two more pictures.

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Photos shared by Tran Kieu An.

In the photo, Tran Kieu An and her husband are extremely emotional and happy. At the same time, the couple also showed off their wedding rings and extremely “genuine” couple watches with expensive prices. The wedding rings of Tran Kieu An and her husband Alan bear the symbol of eternal love, expressing the deep commitment and intense love that the two have for each other.

It is known that for the past two months, the actress is still enjoying her newlywed life, traveling with her husband.

Tran Kieu An is 9 years older than her husband and got to know him through the second season of a girl’s love pairing entertainment show (2019). Their love story was not accepted by fans. They think that Alan is a liar. However, the actress strongly defends love.

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Tran Kieu An and Alan are enjoying a happy life.

Love flourished, but Tran Kieu An’s career has stalled for many years. For the past three years, the 43-year-old actress has not had a new work. Duong Thuc Quyen, the actress’s manager, said that “Dong Phuong Bui” is rearranging her life after many years of non-stop filming.

In addition, Tran Kieu An also wants to change his image, towards maturity and depth. Therefore, she is more strict in choosing new scripts.

“Tran Kieu An has no shortage of movie offers, but she has not yet chosen a suitable script. She wants to have a new, breakthrough and better quality role than before,” said manager Duong Thuc Quyen. .

On the side of Tran Kieu An’s husband, Alan was born in 1988, not active in showbiz. It is known that this young master has parents who are famous businessmen in Malaysia. His family owns many companies worth millions of dollars. Alan himself, after studying abroad, returned to the country to do business, he also owned a luxury villa, a private jet and an expensive car.

However, there are many rumors surrounding that Alan’s family is as rich as it is now thanks to multi-level business (this form is banned in some countries). In addition, Tran Kieu An’s husband was also accused of having an indecent private life, flirting with “prostitutes” and strippers.

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