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Vietnamese schoolgirls accompany the Cambodian team leader at SEA Games 31

Female volunteer achieves 7.5 IELTS, holds 6 scholarships

Over the past 20 days, Nguyen Huong Ly – 3rd year student, Faculty of Business Administration & Tourism, Hanoi University has accumulated many memorable experiences for herself. Female volunteers are immersed in the atmosphere of the SEA Games and are part of the organization of the regional congress.

Every day, Huong Ly takes a bus about 10km, going from the hostel to the Hyatt Regency West Hanoi hotel (Le Duc Tho, Hanoi). The female student’s daily job is to accompany the head of the Cambodian sports delegation. In addition, Ly is also the volunteer team leader for the National Onlympic Committee of Cambodia, representing the general coordination of other volunteers in the group.

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Nguyen Huong Ly is a volunteer, accompanying the head of the Cambodian sports delegation at the 31st Sea Games

Not only beautiful appearance, Huong Ly is also known as a talented student. Female student with IELTS 7.5, 6 consecutive terms “holding” a scholarship from Hanoi University with an average score of over 8 points. This is both a proud achievement and a condition for Ly to conquer the volunteer position at SEA Games 31.

Huong Ly said that to become volunteers, students will be directly selected by the school. “Around the end of last year, the school opened an application, so I submitted my CV. Each position has different requirements, but in general, you must be able to communicate in English, be enthusiastic and open, give priority to those who have experience in reception or diplomacy.

After about a month, I received a notice to become a volunteer. The number of registrations is very large, so I am also quite worried and nervous. I applied for 2 other positions but it was full, fortunately my name was arranged to another position.”Ly shared.

Vietnamese female students accompanied the leader of the Cambodian delegation at SEA Games 31: Achieving many outstanding achievements - Photo 2.
Vietnamese female students accompanied the leader of the Cambodian delegation at SEA Games 31: Achieved many excellent achievements - Photo 3.

The female student at Hanoi University has had a memorable experience in the past few days.

19 years since the first time hosting the SEA Games in 2003, this is the second time that Vietnam has become the host country of the largest sporting event in the region. Therefore, Huong Ly is extremely excited and wants to contribute to this Sports Festival.

“There are many reasons why I became a volunteer of the 31st SEA Games. This is a major sporting event in Southeast Asia, and I feel honored to be a part of such an important event.

I also consider myself lucky when I am studying at Hanoi University – where there is a good foreign language training environment. A large number of volunteers are also recruited from the school, so we also have many opportunities to approach and be supported by the school to participate in the SEA Games.” 10X more info.

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10X get to know many new friends

Foreign language is a bridge to bridge the gap

After 2 training sessions, Huong Ly was somewhat worried about the task because she had never had any experience participating in such a big sporting event. However, with the spirit of hard work, eager to learn, Ly soon integrated with the group and got acquainted with the new job.

“Because the team leader communicates in English, I only support translation when interviewing in the condition that reporters can’t speak English or when exchanging information at the competition venue.

In addition, I will coordinate with other volunteers in the team, assign you to go with different groups or process documents at the office. Sometimes, I will do things that arise like the group asking to buy this and that, order things.

Before, I only knew a little bit of the work that needed to be done, but fortunately, the uncles and aunts were very supportive. It’s true that you have to jump in and do it to break it!”, Ly confided.

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IELTS 7.5 is an advantage to help Ly complete the job well.

Working for a long time with a dense frequency makes Ly sometimes feel “tired”. However, at the end of the day and returning to the hotel, sitting around eating with the team, she was happy and excited because she knew that the experience at the SEA Games was really valuable. Ly remembers the most about celebrating with the whole Cambodian delegation.

“The working time is busy and stressful, so when we are at the office, we only support, but we don’t have time to joke or talk, we feel distant. Finish work and go home.

But when the day of the festival comes, everyone eats, drinks, chats, dances, then everyone is friendly and happy. I get to meet many new friends, get to know more with the brothers and sisters in the group.”the female student said.

Vietnamese schoolgirls accompanying the Cambodian delegation at SEA Games 31: Achieving many outstanding achievements - Photo 6.

Huong Ly has very precious memories.

Vietnamese female students accompanied the leader of the Cambodian delegation at SEA Games 31: Achieving many outstanding achievements - Photo 7.

Not only studying well, 10X also actively participates in experiential activities

Possessing good-looking beauty, skillful hands, and vivaciousness, Huong Ly received much love and praise from everyone around.

After valuable experiences at the 31st SEA Games, the female student plans to continue participating in many other volunteer activities. In addition, Ly also aims to study hard to achieve an excellent degree and many meaningful extracurricular certificates.

Photo: NVCC

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