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What do rich people do to greet the new day?


Get up early to prepare breakfast

The fast pace of life keeps many people busy all day. Not to mention breakfast, sometimes they are busy all day, they can only eat one meal.

Not only an empty stomach, but an irregular diet will also put a huge burden on the stomach.

Skipping breakfast not only poses a great danger to our health, but also causes us to miss out on a great breakfast time.

Those who are willing to get up early to prepare breakfast deeply understand that breakfast is the button to activate energy.

A bowl of hot porridge with a fried egg, a cup of milk and a few slices of bread, or a dumpling with a little pickle made by yourself…

People who can get up early to make breakfast value their health and cherish every moment in life.

They treat each of their mornings kindly. When they eat a full breakfast, they will have a warm heart, a strong sense of happiness and can always feel the small joys in life.


Get up early to exercise

Life is movement.

Psychological research shows that exercise can both improve mood and boost energy.

People who persist in getting up early to exercise not only have good physical strength, but also have an optimistic and strong spirit.

Disney CEO Robert Iger mentioned in his autobiography “Journey of Life” that he would wake up on time at 4:30 every morning, and in order not to wake his sleeping family, he would go to the dormitory room. sex for an hour.

Then at exactly 6 am, he will walk into the office on time to start a busy working day.

Waking up early and exercising for a long time has clearly helped the 71-year-old man to reduce aging clearly. Strong body, bright eyes, he looks more like a man in his forties than 71 years old.

Buffett once said of Iger:

“He was always very calm, rational and understanding.”

People who get up early to exercise are energetic, courageous, positive, and look younger and more active than people who don’t exercise. They are people who live a long life of discipline.


Get up early and persevere to read books

For many people, the first thing they do when they wake up in the morning is read a book.

In life, each person’s intelligence is limited.

And reading can make up for the lack of wisdom, cultivate the body, improve the knowledge and capacity of each individual.

The famous writer and screenwriter Nghiem Ca Linh comes from an educated family. Ever since she was in school, she has formed a habit of reading books every day.

She wakes up at 5 a.m., spends an hour reading and organizing other things for the day.

Nghiem Ca Linh says:

“Reading a lot of books will change a person’s thinking habits, thereby supplementing himself with the best.”

People who can persist in getting up early to read are lifelong growth practitioners.

They are masters of time management and make efficient use of their chopped time.

Not only that, but they also have a strong inner self that motivates themselves to keep learning and become a better version of themselves through reading.


Wake up early to listen to music

People who wake up early to listen to music are often emotional and emotional people.

They will start the day with good music to stimulate the brain that is still sleepy after waking up in the morning.

People who like to listen to famous songs are delicate and romantic, they are very good at capturing the stories behind lyrics and melodies.

People who like to listen to soft music are usually meticulous and meticulous people.

They are thoughtful, calm, gently behaved, without being stubborn.

People who like rock music are always full of passion in their hearts. When the melody plays, they will bounce and sway the way their hearts want.

They are friendly and generous people. They can live their day strong and free.

People who like to wake up early to listen to music are all emotional people, they can find inspiration in life, know how to please themselves and release emotions..


Get up early to plant flowers

There are many friends who like to plant flowers around.

After getting up early every day, the first thing they do is to take care of flowers and houseplants by themselves, pruning branches and leaves, watering and fertilizing to make the plants full of life.

Looking at the green trees, the heart will be filled with joy.

The person who likes to grow flowers and grass must be someone who loves nature and takes care of his family.

In their view, flowers and plants are the finishing touches to life in the world, constructed entirely of reinforced concrete. Plants can not only improve the living environment, but also bring the vitality and freshness of nature into the home.

They want their home to always be green and refreshing.

Taking care of flowers is not simple, from a seed, mature to a seedling, flowering, fruiting can take several months to several years.

In addition, each flower has its own temperament and way of growing, those who can plant trees and flowers successfully are people with direction and perseverance.


Wake up early to meditate

People who wake up early to meditate will find a quiet space to meditate, let go of all noisy consciousness in the brain, focus on breathing, observe thoughts and emotions, and calmly accept reality.

Scientific research has shown that when we begin to meditate, a calming hormone is produced in the brain that acts like a sedative.

Meditation allows us to better manage our emotions and control our attention.

Many of the famous people we are familiar with are practitioners of mindfulness meditation.

For example, Apple founder Steve Jobs, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, NBA star James, … they all have a habit of meditating, and spend 10-20 minutes to meditate at a fixed time every week.

People who can get up early to meditate and meditate will have a more peaceful and stable mood.

They don’t rejoice with everything, nor grieve with themselves.

Live comfortably and enlightenedly, willingly accepting your imperfect but more authentic self.

Such a person has a clear mind, is a person of great wisdom.


Wake up early to make a plan

Everything needs to be planned in advance, if not planned, it is very easy to ruin things.

When we want to do something, planning ahead is very important.

Famous business tycoons Ly Gia Thanh, Buffett, Vuong Kien Lam, … are all talented planners.

Every morning, they will arrange a timetable of the day, when to exercise, read, when to go on business.

Events large and small, in order of priority, will all be listed in a list, just a glance is clear.

Anyone who can get up early to plan knows that good planning is a half-step to success.

With good planning, the direction of action will be clearer, reduce blindly inefficient work, improve productivity and quality of life.

We often say that we plan first and then act, so we know when to stop and what we can achieve.

Those who get up early to make plans are thoughtful, generous people like holding a great ocean in their hearts.

They are multi-talented, visionary and have strong logical thinking. When working, there is always an alternative, to ensure that no one is left behind.

They can make life go the way they want through planning and becoming the designer of destiny.

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