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What was your “terrible” achievement at the age of 10? Rapper Shumo opened the concert with more than 30,000 audience members with 2 self-composed songs

MTV School Fest is invested with the most modern sound and light quality to bring the audience a night of exciting and passionate music that has attracted more than 30,000 students on May 21, 2022. This monumental outdoor art show brought together top Vietnamese singers and rappers such as Suboi, Kimmese, K-ICM, Orange, Long Non La, Lona, Wren Evans, Rtee, Duong Domic, Kayon and Shumo.

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Shumo confidently performed his song alone on stage in front of 30,000 spectators

Holding the responsibility of opening, young rapper Shumo couldn’t help but feel nervous. Thanks to the encouragement of the family, the dance group and many loving spectators. The youngest artist present at the concert performed two different rap songs of her own composition, Again and Again, So You Wanna Hate Me. The hybrid rapper “heats up” the musical atmosphere with a passionate and enthusiastic performance.

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The rap song “So You Wanna Hate Me” with the support of the Dragon Baby dance group

Coming to music with the most natural and pure passion, Shumo was created by his family and teachers with the most favorable conditions to help him develop his creativity to the fullest. In addition to investing in MVs for rap songs composed by Shumo himself, she has also been practicing her stage performance skills for nearly a year.

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The passionate atmosphere of MTV School Fest

Before performing at the “terrible” stage located in the dormitory campus of Zone B of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, Shumo has gradually become acquainted with the stages of hundreds of spectators at the Vietnam International Fashion Festival 2021, the charity program Connecting Love to thousands of people at the music night of Writing Tiep Dream on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street (Ho Chi Minh City). .HCM).

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Shumo .’s previous stage performances

Each program is a memorable memory in Shumo’s artistic journey. The boy with two Vietnamese-Ukrainian bloodlines also accumulated a lot of experience in performing for himself. I am more and more daring to have moments of sublimation on stage, boldly interacting with the audience in Vietnamese and English.

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Shumo was surprised by the audience’s affection during the MTV School Fest rehearsal

Before the official performance of MTV School Fest, on the evening of May 20, thanks to the support of his family, crew and large audience in Zone B – Dormitory of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, young rapper Shumo quickly got acquainted with the music. MTV School Fest’s “super” stage. Thinking only to get acquainted with the stage, Shumo was surprised when many brothers and sisters and students came to watch and cheer enthusiastically. They are also the ones who “fuelled” me more boldly when performing.

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In her spare time after school and sports, Shumo prioritizes composing, practicing choreography…

The 10-year-old rapper sees writing music as a way to express his thoughts and communicate with people. “I want people to listen to my music more and feel happy when people can share with each other through music,” Shumo revealed. Currently, the boy still has a lot of completed songs and drafts in the drawer. In the coming time, Shumo promises to continue to explode more.

Rapper Shumo is young, but has the ability to compose, rap, and dance. The boy has owned an impressive series of “million-view MVs” Christmas Dance Celebration, Get Lixi Get Lucky… so he gradually won the love of the audience. In addition to studying at school with remarkable achievements, especially in Mathematics, he jumped to the 8th – 10th grade program, the 4th grader is also good at English when he can write poetry and music.

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