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Whole finger amputated because phone explodes while charging

May 24, 2022 13:46 GMT+7

While playing video games while charging his phone, a young man had an accident because his phone exploded, causing the patient to crush his finger and have to amputate his entire finger.

Recently, Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital received VVT school (Vinh Phuc, Hanoi), admitted to the hospital with a 2x2cm wound, a broken finger 1,2, lost all software; Injury to the 1st finger, 3rd finger wound on the left hand, 3cm wound on the right leg, 5x2cm wide wound on the female tissue.

Through the exploitation, it is known that the patient was injured because the phone exploded while charging the phone while playing video games.

At Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, the patient was promptly treated with emergency surgery by doctors.

MSc.BS Nguyen Hoang Quan, Department of Upper Extremity Surgery and Sports Medicine said that the patient had undergone surgery to treat the amputated stage of the 1 and 2 fingers; suture the 3rd toe wound, treat the soft tissue wound in the large tissue area and the leg wound.

Whole finger amputated because phone explodes while charging
Doctor Quan assesses the patient’s injury on the radiograph.

Before that, Hanoi Bach Mai Hospital also received a 23-year-old male patient, a construction worker in Hanoi who lost his eyesight, burned his whole body and damaged many organs such as: Perforated eardrum, broken left arm. … due to exploding phone while charging.

Relatives said that on the evening of the accident, the family was watching TV in the living room when they heard a loud explosion coming from a private room.

The whole family rushed in to find the victim unconscious, his whole body burned. After being revived by first aid, the patient said that while charging the phone while watching, the device exploded.

Doctors warn that there have been many accidents recently caused by exploding phones while charging, causing amputations and facial burns. Therefore, people absolutely do not use the phone while it is charging to avoid problems.


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