Why did singer Che Linh write ‘Sad city 2’?

“The city is so sad, the king / The afternoon wind is cold to the soul…”. The song “Sad City” by the late musician Lam Phuong is one of the “cabinet” songs of the famous singer Che Linh. And “Sad City 2” following “Sad City” is a composition of Che Linh herself.

Che Linh confided that the song “Sad city” helped him to have a firm foothold in the hearts of audiences everywhere: “The article ‘Sad city’ Mr. Lam Phuong wrote and gave me a valuable foothold. Over the past few decades, with this song, from home to abroad, I have been asked by all of you.”

Because he was so in love with “Sad City” through Che Linh’s voice, many spectators and performance organizers wanted musician Lam Phuong to continue writing “Sad City 2” for the sake of singing. Che Linh said: “There are many places where I have suggestions, so I suggest that Lam Phuong let him continue to write ‘Sad City 2’ so that there will be a couple for Che Linh to sing.”

But musician Lam Phuong could not continue writing “Sad City 2” due to health reasons. “Mr. Lam Phuong is too sick to write. Can I tell you again, can you write ‘Sad City’ with ‘Sad City 2’? He said: ‘You just keep writing, I believe’. At that time, he said it was still difficult, let alone holding a pen. And this song I wrote and I sang to you. He was very pleased and he nodded his approval. I see that, he is happy, very happy”, Che Linh shared.

“Sad City 2” has simple lyrics, nostalgic for the beautiful moments that have passed of a love affair with many imprints: “Which city was the day we were together / We were together for a while / What city did we love each other that day / How I loved the young grass beside the dream hill / I miss you so much and I miss you so much / How can I forget the empty Lake of Than Tho / And Only the two of us soar to the clouds…”

Why did singer Che Linh write 'Sad city 2'?  - first

Che Linh sings “Sad City 2” on her YouTube channel (Photo: Screenshot)

Che Linh sang “Sad City 2” on his YouTube channel and received many compliments from the audience. Some people are surprised because Che Linh still retains her style in vocals despite her age. Some people are surprised because Che Linh is so multi-talented.

“Sad City 2” is not the first song he wrote. From a young age, the singer showed a talent in composing. Previously, when writing music Che Linh used the pseudonym Tu Nhi. Some of Tu Nhi and Bang Giang’s songs are loved by many generations of audiences such as “Sad night in the province” or “Celebratory song”: “What else do I miss now/Dream love is still in my heart or die day by day/I still remember the day, the initial exchange/Who can’t forget love?.

Why did singer Che Linh write 'Sad city 2'?  - 2

Singer Che Linh in his youth

The COVID pandemic has subsided, the singer has returned to singing. He is quite expensive show In the near future, he will reunite with many famous vocalists such as Huong Lan, Nhu Quynh, Thu Phuong, Quang Dung in a show called “Through the passion”, in the overseas market.

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